How to get rid of fat?

So the spring has come, which still strives to undress us a little. The warm spring sun gives us the opportunity to throw off the extra “skins” and easily enter the beach season, which, by the way, is not far off. But wait! And what do we open the world? Beautiful slim athletic body or loose saggy skin with layers of fat? Considering that during the winter many of us put pressure on the use of food (in order not to freeze), then, most likely, option number two suits us. But do not be in a hurry to get upset and cover up all the mirrors in the house, it is better to read the article that will give you good advice on how to get rid of fat.

Where to begin

How to tune in to the war for a beautiful figure? Surely, you have already played a lot of battles and not once defeated. It's not scary, a new one is starting, but this time - the last battle!

If you have already thought about how to get rid of subcutaneous fat, you can assume that a start has been made. Look at yourself in the mirror. Sober look at your body on a 10-point scale. Just do not lie to yourself, be honest.If too much? So, we will get rid of it. The main thing is not to despair and remember, absolutely everyone can have a great figure, you are not an exception and you deserve it. Gather all your strength into a fist, you have to work carefully on yourself and not only on the body, but also on consciousness.


Now you just need to be electronic scales. Train yourself every morning, getting out of bed, weighed on an empty stomach, to record your results, to see even the smallest victories and defeats. It also does not hurt to measure your volumes and be photographed once a month.

Down with illusions

Some advertisements dictate how to quickly get rid of fat. They promise that if we buy one or another fat burner or pills, the result will not take long. They say that almost in a week we will lose 10 kg of our weight without damage to our health. Do not believe this, as do not believe fast diets, fasting, rape our bodies and kill our health. Judge for yourself how much you have accumulated your fat? Day, two, a week? I think for months or even years. Get rid of him for a week will not work, so just throw the illusions aside and do not look for easy ways.

Normal weight loss is 0.5 - 1 kg for the whole week.In another case, you risk losing not fat, which weighs very little, but muscle mass. In addition, you will break your metabolism, and if you overdo it with starvation, sooner or later you will lose your temper and gain even more kilograms than you dropped. Therefore, better take your time.

Calorie fixation

You do not need to exhaust yourself diets, start by cutting calories. To understand how many calories you consume per day, start recording everything you eat, including snacks, cookies and sweets. Get a notebook, fix everything eaten in it for five days, then use the calorie table, count the total calorie, divide by five and you will get a figure indicating the number of calories consumed per day. You can reduce calories by about 10% to start the process of losing weight.


Everyone who wants to know how to get rid of excess fat, should, first of all, think about their diet. Teach the body to burn more calories. You can leave calories even at the same level, but replace negative calories with positive ones. Most often we eat too much fat and little protein.We also use carbohydrates Nemer, forgetting that the calories in them are useless. In addition, they almost instantly become fat.

  • It is better to exclude from the diet sweets, flour, and some dairy products. Replace all this with oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, fish, chicken, vegetables, meat.
  • Avoid mayonnaise, season vegetable or olive oil.
  • Forget about fried, now your best friend is a steamer, grill, microwave and saucepan.
  • Do not eat sausages, sausages and ham, as they contain not only animal fats, but also various chemicals.
  • Replace with sweet fruit, add a sugar substitute to tea and coffee, if you can’t drink it at all without sugar.

How to get rid of excess fat - more tips

Now let's finally realize what our problem is? It consists not even in a large amount of fat, but in weak untrained muscles. During how the muscles are replaced by fat, the body no longer needs the same number of calories. The chemical processes inside change and the muscles that are still left also cease to require a lot of calories. As a result, these calories are not consumed, but are debugged in all parts of the body. The only sure cure for fat is exercise.

The best set of exercises to combat obesity is aerobics. Many scientists have proven that continuous daily prolonged exercise does not allow muscles to be replaced by fat. You must not only remove the fat, but also “put” the muscles in their place. There is no need to build up huge muscles; a small relief will be enough.

Be sure to read the additional information that will certainly help you in this difficult task:

The main thing is to work on yourself and not retreat from your goal. Turn sports and proper nutrition into the usual way of your life and you will certainly succeed!

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