How to get a subsidy for a young family?

Today, young people, having entered into marriage, have a chance to have their own housing. The state assumes part of the financial responsibility for the family to purchase housing or improve its living conditions. This program provides for a number of requirements that spouses must meet in order to receive the so-called subsidy. What are the subsidies for a young family, and what will it take to get what is due? Below, we have listed the basic requirements for those who wish to participate in government programs.

Conditions for obtaining subsidies

A young family who needs living space must meet the conditions below.

  • People who want to receive a subsidy from the state to buy an apartment must be registered in the region for at least 1 year and be citizens of the Russian Federation
  • The family does not have to be complete. That is, it can be both a husband and wife, or a family of several people, or one of the parents with a child
  • Each spouse must not be more than 35 years old. This condition has only recently changed. Previously, age was limited to 30
  • To clearly find out how much the family needs housing, calculate the number of meters per person. If less than 15, you can enter the program
  • It is advisable to be in line for housing

If all these moments are true, you need to submit documents to the regional administrative centers.

Documents to subsidize a young family

A young family needs a package of documents to collect in order to receive a subsidy:

  • Passports It is necessary to make copies of all pages (filled) passports of both spouses;
  • Copies of birth certificates of children (if any);
  • Copy of marriage certificate;
  • Help that you stand in line for housing;
  • Certificate of employment, which will indicate the level of salary;
  • A photocopy of workbooks;
  • If the family is not complete, you must provide a certificate of divorce.

You may need some more documents. For example, registration papers are often requested for the housing you intend to purchase. In addition, this list varies for different regions.Therefore, before collecting certificates, take their list in the administrative authority.

After submitting the documents, you will have to wait two weeks before the municipality notifies you in writing of its decision. That is, you may refuse. Getting a subsidy for a young family is fraught with difficulty.

After receiving a positive response, you have a month to take a certificate in one of the municipality units.

What you need to know about the program

The state can allocate funds that will be made to pay for housing for families participating in the program. This amount will be 35 or 40 percent. It all depends on the presence of children in the family. You must understand that the remaining 60 - 65 percent, you will have to contribute yourself. Here are possible options. You can pay off debt from your (or parental) savings, or you can take a mortgage.

The area of ​​the apartment, which the family claims, must meet the standards. For example, for a family of 2 people, it can not be more than 42 meters, that is, it turns out - 21 square meters per person. But if there are 3 or more members in a family, then the calculation is based on the norm of 18 square meters per person.

A very tricky rule: the family should have an income that will allow her to pay the balance for the apartment. For 2013, this amount should be slightly more than 10 thousand rubles per family member.

In some regions, conditions are slightly different, let's say, softer. Since apartment prices differ from Moscow and St. Petersburg, the amount of the subsidy is calculated differently. In addition, it is possible to increase the percentage of subsidies with the birth of a second, third child

What are the disadvantages of this program?

Since getting a subsidy for a young family is not an easy task, it is worth weighing well all the advantages and disadvantages of this program before taking part in it.

  • This step will require you to seriously prepare and walk on instances.
  • If your income is unstable, you are most likely denied.
  • You can not buy housing in the secondary market. This condition significantly narrows the choice.
  • If you take a mortgage for the balance, it cannot be more than 2.2 million rubles

These are not all the flaws of the program. However, it should be understood that even a small help in purchasing a home is preferable to its complete absence. If you need your own apartment, be sure to consider all options for its acquisition, so as not to miss the slightest opportunity.

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