How to find your point of GI?

How to find your point of GI?

  • Point G was invented in 1950 by the German gynecologist Ernst Grefenberg. Its existence is not proved. It is wishful thinking.

    It is said that when stimulating a special point in a woman, incredible orgasms like volcanic eruptions occur that can even lead her to ejaculation. Point G - myth or reality? Let's try to understand.

    For a start, we'll look for it not in the place where everyone thought at once, but in the USA. In 1950, it was there that the article of the German physician Ernst Grefenberg, entitled "The Role of Nature in the Female Orgasm", where he mentioned an erogenous zone on the anterior wall of the vagina, when exposed to which a woman can experience orgasm, ejaculate. However, these data were criticized by authoritative sexologists of the time. They were described as erroneous. Grefenberg's work did not find a positive response in the mass consciousness of the man in the street.

    Indifference to this zone lasted long, until the eighties. Shortly before their offensive in the scientific journal in 1978, an article on this topic was published, then in 1981 there is a number of works devoted to the study of female ejaculation. This marked the beginning of huge discussions, as well as a series of contradictory data and disputes in the scientific world regarding the reality and nature of the phenomenon of female ejaculation. Disputes among scientists about this continue to this day.

    In 1982, the company of co-authors publishes a book aimed at a wide range of readers. It describes in detail about a certain point in the depth of the vagina, how to find it, and how to achieve it with an incredible orgasm. This place was named after the first letter of the name of the pioneer - the point G. According to the author in the book, the point G is felt as a small seal in the form of a small bean that, when stimulated, increases to 50 in size, and sometimes even ten ruble coins. This is the size!

    The book became a bestseller, it was translated into 19 languages. However, the book was criticized by gynecologists, physologists and other specialists who argued that there is no point, this is all fantasy, and research on this topic is not enough.

    Indeed, in Grefenber's statements about the point there were several problems. They were based on subjective evidence and interviews among women, and studies conducted in the laboratory included a very small number of subjects. In addition, Grefenberg himself does not say anything about the fact that there is just a point or a string. He only wrote about the erogenous zone on the front wall of the vagina.

    But the people, as they say, shoved the news about the miracle of the point, and rushed to search frantically for it. Also has found! The point G has turned into a running pop culture memorial, and for the philistines the critical remarks of experts have remained virtually unnoticed. The philistine is not very eager to read scientific journals and does not go deep into the problem. Contributed to the spread of this meme and feminist sentiments: "What are we, women, worse than men, or what?" We can drive cars, vote in elections, we even have a magic point. And the peasants, by the way, do not!

    The beginning of the flourishing of the porn industry also contributed to the development of this idea. In the mid-eighties, films for adults with a G-spot in the title began to appear, as well as articles in well-known magazines. In 90, the results of the survey of 1230 women employed in health care in the US and Canada are published - do they have a ji point. And voila! Almost 66 percent of respondents said that they found a zone similar to such a point. And most of the latter also told that when exposed to it they are able to experience orgasm accompanied by ejaculation.

    Well, how can you not believe when so many women say the same thing! The magic button really exists!

    But! Subjective evidence - especially after the rumor about the point of the ji in society - can not be a proof of the existence of the latter. At least, within the strict scientific approach. However, after all, most do not care about all sorts of scientific approaches ...

  • I think that different people have this point in different places. Therefore for searches it is necessary to approach an experimentally-practical way. Better with a partner. Just do not dwell on this in any way. Relax and have fun. And when this point is found, you are the first to feel it.

  • How to find your point of GI?

    For most, the point "GQ"; located on the vertex of the vaginal wall, at a distance of 4-6 centimeters from the entrance.

    Intensity of stimulation of this point, especially individual for each. There are no unequivocally-common methods of delivering bliss through this point, for all women. Study yourself, teach a partner.

  • As far as I know, this point is in the girls inside the vagina from the side of the abdomen. Find it can be tactile, that is, to the touch. In other words, by massaging this site inside, the girl gets the greatest pleasure.

    Something like this ...

  • I think the search for this cherished point in any case should be organized :)

    For a start, you can most closely study your body (feeling every millimeter).

    But if you did not find it, ask the partner to look into every corner of your body) Sometimes we do not feel our touch, but others - just like that)

    My friend's erogenous zones had ears, a solar plexus and a specific point on his back. So do not be afraid. Experiment!

    Good luck with your search))

    Do not stop.

    How to find your point of GI?
  • It is necessary here an experienced partner who found this point (the best doctor-gynecologist)))) I take this opportunity to introduce myself to you, the military doctor-gynecologist is I! Point G is strictly individual for women!

  • The point GIt should not be looked for on the face, behind the ears, and generally on the head. Also, it probably does not exist on the chest and back, on the stomach, on the pope, on the hips, on the knees, on the legs and generally on the legs. As the circle of search has narrowed, the remaining places need to be carefully examined, perhaps even with outside help.

  • The point of waiting exists for both men and women and is located in the most intimate area of ​​our body. Female dot, is located near the clitoris on the front wall of the vagina, representing a small bulge. The depth is about 3-5,

  • The point of the ji is very simple: to do this you need to put your index finger into the vagina and bend it in the second phalanx to press up and the tip of the finger will fall just in the point. If you press on it for a minute, a woman will experience an orgasm.

  • I will help ... In order to make it easier to find your point G, stand in front of the mirror. (It must be absolutely full!) Look at yourself ... You will not see point G yet. Look at the basin. Point G should be on the opposite side, but you do not see it now. Therefore ... you will need a telephone or camera. Turn around to the mirror. To see the point in a live view, remove the pants. Pull forward. Point the camera toward the mirror (do not change the position of the body!) Take a picture (better several times). you can put on your pants. Now you can look at the pictures and see the point G. Also, if you do not have a mirror, then you can ask someone to take a picture.

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