How to fill out a sick-list?

Sadly, the existing reality of our country implies constant and not entirely pleasant changes. In addition to everything else, these changes relate to the legislation, the rules for documentation and, as a consequence, the rules for filling out sick leave. So, how to fill in the sick-list correctly, the state for today?


Today, the sick-list should indicate the number of the medical record and much to indicate the corresponding codes. It makes no sense today to accuse people that most of them have no idea how to fill in new sick-lists. After all, to know just like that, or to orient in the fact that the causes of diseases or the conditions of charges are indicated by codes, is not at all possible. Ironically, an obvious hint of how to properly fill out a sick-list is on its back. After all, there is a list of these codes. But, because of our well-known mentality, people get to this turnover with a completed document.

The identification number has become an obligatory requisite, which must necessarily contain a completed sick-list of a new sample. Similarly, the number of the pension insurance card must be in the new sheet. And if earlier only the chief accountant had to sign this document, then from now on the general director should also put his hand.


We indicate the main nuances that should be paid attention to by everyone, before whom the question of how to fill out a sick-list for an employer becomes. All entries, without exception, must be made in black ink in Russian in capital block letters. The sheet should be filled only with gel, capillary or fountain pens. The use of ballpoint pens is forbidden, since inks of this kind make the document inaccessible for machines to read. In addition, it is allowed to fill in forms using a printing device. Mandatory spaces between words. It is not allowed to go beyond the designated fields. That is, if the line has ended, the recording of the name should stop.

According to the most recent explanations, you can use dashes, commas, periods and quotes in the names of organizations. In the line called "place of work - the name of the organization" should indicate the name of the company, or the full name of the individual. In the line "the name of the medical organization" enter the name of the person who provided medical care and issued a sick-list. Filling in the line "last name, initials of the doctor" should indicate the last name, and then initials separated by a space. In the case when the surname is too long, you can transfer the end of the line to the next row. Last name without initials can be specified in the case when both cells are not enough.

Making out the sick-list, according to the decision of the medical commission, in the first row it is necessary to specify the initials and surname of the attending physician. The second row must contain the name and initials of the chairman of the commission. The seal of the medical organization may slightly protrude beyond the place that was specially assigned for it, however, in no case should it fall into the information cells of the form. In the field called "receipt of the recipient" should be the signature of the citizen who received a specific certificate of incapacity. This field is located directly on the spine of the form.

Calculations of state cash benefits provided for pregnancy, childbirth, as well as other temporary disability, as of today, are made on a separate sheet, which is applied to the sick-list. If in the section that the doctor has filled out, mistakes are made, the entire sick-list is not recognized as valid. In this case, you will need to fill out a new form. It is made in the same way as the primary one, and the issue date remains the same.

In general, everything is in your hands. And to be more precise, in your care. Arm yourself with knowledge, do not lose concentration and everything will certainly be in order.

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