How to eat crawfish

How to eat crawfish? It's easy and fun to do. People who decided to try cooked crawfish for the first time, but who do not know how to do it, can enjoy the pleasant taste of seafood by reading our instructions.

As there are crabs:

  1. They are eaten with a claw. Break it off and remove the shell. Eat meat. Also act on the second claw.
  2. Raise the cancer shell up and separate. It has meat and entrails. All that is soft and light color - eat. The rest is inedible.
  3. Side of the shell can be meat and white formations - calcium. You can eat them too.
  4. Separate the tail and set it aside.
  5. Clean and divide it into two parts. Eat everything except a thin black thread.

How to eat crayfish on etiquette

They are served to the table in boiled form with salt andgreenery. Before cutting, make sure that you have a special knife. With this device and split the shell. Pincers bring them to your mouth and suck the meat. Grasp the tail. Separate it from the trunk with rotating movements. Using a knife, separate the shell. Shake your hands. From the rest of the meat, take out with a knife, and eat with your hands. When the meal is finished, rinse your hands in a special bowl. Broth, which prepared crayfish, drink from the cup. Now you know how to properly eat crayfish. You can start and prepare them.

It is not easy to prepare seafood deliciously. You can spoil the dish with salt or seasoning, so cook strictly according to the prescription. In addition, choose fresh and quality products!

A few tips:

  1. Make sure their freshness is seafood. Mussels must be alive. Lobsters, crabs and crabs also buy live.
  2. Prepare a dish within a day from the time you buy seafood.
  3. Do not thaw frozen food. Lower them into the pan in this form.
  4. Lobsters cook.
  5. Crab steam, so they are more delicious.
  6. Mussels, too, cook for a couple of minutes.
  7. Spoil the mussels. Those are those that have not been opened after cooking.
  8. Crabs and lobster generously watered with butter.
  9. Shrimp and scallops in sauce, for example, wine or garlic. In extreme cases, prepare them for a couple, but that they are not fresh, add seasonings and fresh greens.

Seafood in garlic sauce

It is necessary:

- seafood (kilogram);

- garlic;

- butter;

- fennel;

- parsley;

- basil;

- Hops-Suneli;

- Bay leaf.

Seafood boil until cooked in boilingsalted water with the addition of spices. Melt the butter and crush the garlic. Pour the finished delicacy with garlic butter and serve hot. You can sprinkle it with fresh finely chopped herbs. Serve as an independent dish, and in the fish assortment. This recipe is suitable for mussels, shrimps, crabs, crawfish, squid, lobsters. Sea scallops do not serve with garlic sauce.

Crayfish in white wine

It will take:

- two glasses of water;

- a glass of white wine;

- crabs;

- a lot of dill;

- salt pepper.

Mix water with wine and seasonings. Bring to a boil and put into the pan the main product. Cook until done.

Crayfish in cucumber brine

It is necessary:

- water;

- cucumber pickle;

- sour cream;

- crabs;

- salt;

- pepper;

- dill.

First boil the crayfish in water with seasonings and salt. Then drain the liquid and add the same amount of cucumber brine. Boil it off. At the end of cooking, add a few spoons of fatty sour cream.

Crayfish in milk

It is necessary:

- crabs;

- milk;

- salt;

- water;

- pepper;

- dill.

To begin with, soak crayfish in warm milk nearhours. Then boil them in water with the addition of seasonings, when they are almost ready, pour out the water and pour the milk. Cook the crawfish for a few more minutes in the milk. Serve with milk, sour cream sauce or mayonnaise. How are there crayfish cooked this way? Just like those that are welded in ordinary water. Simply delicacies prepared with this recipe will be softer and more tender, and they should not be consumed with alcoholic beverages.

Now you know how to cook seafood. You can always pick up a recipe suitable for the occasion and please the guests with a delicious dish.

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