How to eat celery?

Catherine Ivanova
Catherine Ivanova
December 6, 2012
How to eat celery?

Celery is an amazingly tasty and healthy plant that people have been eating for hundreds of years. Celery grows on all continents, more than 20 of its species are known. Specially grown or cultured celery is divided into 3 varieties:

  • stall (sheet);
  • root (root);
  • stalked.

But how is celery, in what form is it most useful? Everyone knows that any edible plant is best eaten raw, because then your body will get the maximum benefit. And there is a lot of benefit in celery. It contains a lot of vitamin C, and thus strengthens the immune system. It contains carotene, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. Celery helps with various diseases of the stomach, bladder and kidneys, improves mood and removes harmful toxins. People who suffer from high blood pressure, this plant is a must. Celery is a strong aphrodisiac! In addition, all parts of this plant contain glutamic and nicotinic acids, so it acts as a natural flavor enhancer.

In its raw form, you can eat and leaves, and roots, and stalks.Celery stalks contain a lot of salt, and you can simply nibble! Very useful juices from the stems of this plant. They can be drunk separately, and can be mixed with other squeezed juices, for example, with carrot, beet or apple. Roots are rubbed into salads, masks are prepared from them, and even ointments that help heal wounds. Fragrant leaves decorate many dishes, and they are cut into salads with fresh vegetables.

How celery is eaten depends on taste. There is always one thing - soups, steamed vegetables, meat. All sorts of sauces with the addition of all parts of celery acquire a very special, original, slightly bitter taste and unique flavor that stimulates the appetite.

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