My name is Julia Lyanguzova. 3 years I live in Bali, enjoying life. The history of exit from ...
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How to drop everything and go for your dreams. Story of my life


My name is Julia Lyanguzova.

A few details about myself.

I have been living in Bali for 3 years now, enjoying every day of my life, but this was not always the case.

My Moscow colleagues and friends knew me completely different. Once I worked 30 hours a day, slept 3-4 hours, earned enough money not to have time to spend and allow a comfortable life for myself and all my relatives. I successfully built a career in the development / construction business, was “in demand, efficient, organized, multi-tasking person” - and such as is customary in the Moscow business community. Among those, like me, there are people who are aimed at the result and the eternal pursuit of a “better life” and a lot of money.

Then I called the best life: a high stable income, the ability to sleep 6 hours a day, not 3, the presence in my life of a man who can take on at least part of the burden of my worries.

I dreamed of traveling and free time, in order to be engaged in myself, and not “play big business” and live the life of a boss instead of my life.

In rare moments of respite, I remembered my dreams, continued to get involved in psychology and read books about how to live my dream, how to find my true purpose. She was a “psychologist on the couch” for many of her friends, practiced yoga, meditated, searched for something important. Now I understand that I was looking for myself in the first place. I was still interested in the question: “Who am I?” And “Why am I here?”.

Throughout my life, I clearly felt a kind of “discontinuity of reality”: either I earn money, or I look for myself and follow my spiritual path; either earthly or spiritual.

How to combine this, it was absolutely not clear.

One day, namely in 2008, I ended up in Bali with my closest friend. We fell in love with this island and felt at home, or even this: in Bali I felt myself. But when I returned to the mainland, I immediately plunged into work, and the memories of the Balinese experiences vanished.

After 5 years, in 2013, I was again on the Island, but already without my friend, who by then had passed away.And all the previous sensations surged with new force. I heard her words as if in reality: “More than anything, I want to be in Bali now. You can go there and live there. ”

At that moment, something inside me changed once and for all. The idea that I can really change my life no longer let me go.

Flying away from Bali that time, in duty free, I saw the Live in love perfume - it was the flash that I’ve been waiting for all my life, the puzzle came together, and I understood, felt with my whole body that it’s possible to live in love, it’s important to live with your own dreams to burn eyes. And I could no longer betray myself.

Returning to Moscow, I already knew that I was different. And in the heart and in life everything has irrevocably changed. I began to purposefully prepare to go live on my favorite island of Bali. And for this it was necessary to leave work, with which “normal” people do not leave, and leave such a man, whom a “normal” woman would not leave.

It took me a year to pass all the tests of the strength of my intentions. And exactly one year later, in the spring of 2014, I left for Bali. My place is in Bali. This is the only thing I knew about my future, everything else was lost in the fog.

And here in Bali for three years I have been practicing yoga, meditation, body-oriented practices. Sat in the temples, meditating for 12 hours a day in silence. I danced, laughed and cried, got knowledge, found a balance between the earthly and the spiritual, I regained my lost dreams, already buried and forgotten.

Every moment of my life I learned to make choices in a new way: focusing on the sensations of my body, listening to my intuition and my heart, I discovered that there are no contradictions between mind and heart — there is a union and a balance, the one that once seemed impossible .

In Bali, thanks to my friend theta healer, I first became acquainted with the practice of tetahiling, which was thus the missing link in the whole chain of my spiritual quest. The puzzle has developed, I have a specific real tool to help people and myself, which helped to find and eliminate the causes of various misfortunes and troubles, misunderstandings and conflicts that happen to each of us during our lives.

This is a completely different level of awareness of myself and the world, which I could not even imagine in “that” former life.

So, my dream came true, I can live on my favorite tropical island near the ocean under the eternal sun and surrounded by people with similar interests.And at the same time helping other people realize their dreams through various energy practices - first of all, tetahiling.

And it is possible.

In my reality - life, pleasure and work do not contradict, but complement each other.

It turns out that the earthly and the spiritual are possible and necessary to combine. You can stand firmly on the ground and look at the sky. So, you can show other women how to do it.

And so was born our joint project with Katya Primorskaya. ASSEMBLY POINT - REBIRTH POINT.

This is a project-school of self-development, in the framework of which we will hold retreats, seminars, workshops and invite the best teachers and leading practices from around the world to take part - without borders (remotely and personally). For foreign and Russian teachers - our project will become an information platform for organizing and conducting their author programs and retreats. OUR GOAL: to attract to cooperation only the best and most sought-after teachers in their field.

All people are different. Therefore, for everyone the door to awareness will have its own, which means that the practice, the teacher, and the inspiring benchmark will also.

And as a sign of endless love and gratitude to the magical island of Bali for everything,that he gave me for these 3 years of my residence here, Katya and I organized a women's retreat “Mental Holidays: How to Let Yourself Be Happy, February 03-16, 2017” (within our school of self-development) - to share with women all the magic and power this incredible place of power, Bali.

With love and gratitude of the Universe for everything that ALREADY is.

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