How to draw a tower?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
March 21, 2013
How to draw a tower?

Drawing buildings, bridges and other architectural structures is not so difficult. The main thing in this form of graphics is to be able to accurately convey the proportions on paper and know the basic rules for building perspectives. Today we will tell you how to draw a tower.

As a “model” for our drawing, we chose not an abstract and unknown ordinary tower, but a real “superstar”, the world-famous French beauty, long recognized as the unofficial symbol of Paris. You, probably, already guess what conversation will go how to draw the Eiffel Tower? You are right, we will draw it now together with you! Prepare paper and pencil, make yourself comfortable - we start!

  • Step 1. With two curved lines mark the supports of the tower, standing at its base and forming an arched spans. Above them, a horizontal line mark the lower massive tower platform. Above the platform with two inclined straight lines draw the walls of the lower tier of the tower having the shape of a truncated pyramid.Next, draw the outlines of the upper viewing platform, a vertical line running from its center, mark the axis of symmetry of the tower superstructure and complete it with a sketch of the top that crowns the entire structure.
  • Step 2. Starting from the top, work on the outlines of the tower. Draw its vertical, gradually expanding to the bottom, walls, railings of the upper and lower tiers and arched legs - supports. When drawing all this, constantly check with our sketch in order to correctly convey the proportions of the tower.
  • Step 3. We begin to detail the image, putting on it the contours of the metal beams that form the openwork structure of our tower.
  • Step 4. Looking at our drawing, we continue to painstakingly draw small details. This work is simple, but requires accuracy and patience.
  • Step 5. At this point, our story about how to draw the Eiffel Tower in pencil, quietly came to an end. It remains only to erase all the guidelines and auxiliary lines that have already become unnecessary, and to carefully depict the characteristic intersection of the beams at the top of the structure.
  • Step 6. Finally, carefully trace all the outlines with a pencil, pen or thin helium pen and admire your creation.

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