How to download the article?

Studying in a higher educational institution or doingscientific work, constantly have to view a large number of scientific articles. Some of them are freely available, and others have to be paid for downloading.

At the moment there are several ways to download articles:

  • special resources;
  • forums;
  • magazines with free access;
  • torrents and file sharing.

Special Resources

Today there are a lot of sites on the Internet andServices that can help in the search for a free scientific article. An example can be - This is the most popular proxy server. Here you need to enter the URL of the article or journal you need, or DOI (the unique article ID that can be found on the journal page) or enter a search string. Then you will go to the page as a subscriber and be able to download the article. This server has a huge number of subscriptions.

If you know the DOI article, then you can search iteven on other sites, for example, or The site is the Library Genesis library, which stores more than 11 million articles. The application should look like this: doi: 11.1028 / nbt.4566. The system downloads the article and gives it to the user. However, it happens that the article does not download right away - for example, because of the loading of the system. In this case, your application will be queued and after a certain time will be executed.


In case if it was not possible to download the articlein a previous way, you can search for information on specialized forums. All that is required of you is to register on the forum and create the necessary topic in which to specify the required material. If any of the users have an article available for you, he will share with you. An example of scientific forums can be, where you can find information from various fields: from the mathematical sciences and ending with the humanities.

Free-access logs

Many magazines provide information for free. You can go to the pages of the site, read, rewrite or save information on the computer. For example, on the site of the library of the St. Petersburg National University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics, has collected a large number of journals and articles from around the world. You must select the appropriate edition and follow the instructions. Once you get to the site of the necessary magazine, you will get access to the material.

If you have not found the necessary article on the university's website, you should search the site SciGuide, where you can download an article from the world-class journal.

Torrents and File Sharing

You can also try to search for articles ontorrents and file-sharing services, such as and If we talk about torrents, then they do not fill up with information very quickly, and you will be able to find materials only from the past, but, here, the new material will have to wait.

And having registered on the exchange resourcesfiles, you can get the latest information by requesting it from the users of the site. А is an English-language file sharing service that allows you to exchange articles with users from around the world.

Additional recommendations

  1. Many publishers provide new users with free use of materials after registration for a certain period of time.
  2. Also, you can write a letter to the author necessaryarticles with a request to send you material. The author's address can be found in the magazine or visit his web page. It is worth noting that not all authors can agree to this, but you can try.
  3. In addition, most universitiesprovide their online information to teachers and researchers. They are given logins and passwords to enter the special forums. It is worth noting that the information for expensive articles can not be obtained immediately, but you can buy it for a symbolic amount from the administration of the forum. It will be cheaper than buying an article legally. But it must be remembered that in this way you violate the author's rights (unless his material is freely available).

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