How to develop a sense of humor?

How sometimes a successful joke can save the day or cheer up! People who know how to joke - the center of any company. They listen to them, they want to communicate with them. Want to become so, but you think your sense of humor is at zero? It is not necessary to be sad, this definitely will not help, but you can develop your sense of humor. Many people believe that the ability to joke is a gift from God, so it is absolutely useless to learn this. However, it is not. If you change something in your world perception, practice a little, you can learn to witty no worse than the residents of the Comedy Club. How to develop a sense of humor?

What you need to change

Usually they do not know how to joke too serious and rational people who are accustomed to living according to strict rules and schedules. Let yourself relax, let light irony into your life. What you need to do to learn how to joke? Here are some useful recommendations:

  1. Learn to look at yourself, others and life from completely different points of view, do not evaluate everything and everyone exclusively from a direct angle of view.
  2. Develop your vocabulary and comic reserve, erudition. People who know how to joke are intelligent people who know a lot and know the language well. So learn, read, memorize different jokes.
  3. Develop a pleasant emotional voice, because jokes are told in just such a voice. A boring dull voice, even if it speaks very witty jokes, will never bring a smile.
  4. Learn to laugh at yourself first. If you do not know how to joke, then begin to train on yourself or on surrounding objects. It’s better not to use an inept joke with other people. When you feel that your jokes are the most gusto, you can slowly move on to friends and acquaintances. It is better to joke over little and unfamiliar people very carefully, since you can cause a negative reaction. In general, feel over whom you can joke, and over whom it is better not to.
  5. Learn to control the edge of the funny and evil, sweet and impermissible. For example, think carefully before joking at your boss in some situations, if you do not want to lose your job. There are also prohibited topics for jokes among certain groups of people: for example, it is faith in God among Christians.On such topics is also better not to joke. If the surrounding people are very upset about something, then your humor will also be inappropriate. These and similar cases need to be noticed and responded to them adequately. And if you are not sure whether or not to joke, first imagine what the consequences might be. If all is well, then why not joke?
  6. This is the main thing you need to know to understand how to develop a sense of humor. But of course, it sounds too general and individually. Are there any specific exercises and methods of how to develop a sense of humor? Of course I have!

Ways to develop a sense of humor

Now we will tell you about the most popular ways to create different jokes. Having mastered these schemes, you will understand how you can joke in different situations.

  1. The development of imagination. To do this, select one letter from the alphabet and compose a sentence with a meaning in which all words, including prepositions and conjunctions, would begin with just this one letter. Repeat at once twice, and then for some time several times.
  2. In Russian there is polysemy - it means the polysemy of one word. For example, a mink is an animal and at the same time a hole in the ground created by the animal.On such words a lot of jokes are built. Try to use in your joke is not the meaning of the word, which is perceived by others, and beat it.
  3. Play with aphorisms, quotes, accurate expressions. If the aphorism is not hackneyed and unfamiliar to a wide range of people, you can simply quote it to the place with the words: "According to apt expression ..."; "As said...". If the phrase is already as old as the world, you can give it a different sound by changing the meaning of the expression, one word in the phrase and so on. For example, the well-known: “The devil is not so terrible as he is painted” was replaced by “The devil is not so terrible as his baby”.
  4. Use of contrasts. Easy reception: choose the object of ridicule - the person, the phenomenon, the situation, etc. and contrast it with him. For example, a person is stupid, and you ironically declare: “Uma chamber”. But it is worth being careful not to offend anyone, with such jokes you can reach evil sarcasm.
  5. Word consonance is another way to create a successful joke. Words like “vice-threshold”, “meadow-bow”, etc. are suitable here. Connect the fantasy!
  6. Indirect logic. It implies an adequate and logical, but unexpected answer to the interlocutor.A well-known example: “- Honey, why do you have a face whiter than a pillow? “It’s time to wash the pillowcase!”; “Dear, please give me a color of invisibility! (male logic has shattered) ".

A good joke should be kind, tagged and in place. Practice, learn to joke, look at life from different sides and then you will tell others how to develop a sense of humor. Good luck!

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