How to curl yourself at home

Oh, gorgeous female curls, how many you drove crazy! Poets at all times glorify the beautiful hair of women in their poems. But not many people are lucky to have curly hair by nature. Most women in order to make their hair wavy, do a perm or wrap it daily with curlers. But all these manipulations with hair spoil the curls. From frequent curls, they become brittle and dull, split and thin. How to keep your hair healthy while doing daily styling? How to make curls at home, so they kept for a long time? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

The first stage - washing and drying hair

how to make curls

Many women are concerned about the question of how to properly curl their hair on curlers at home so that the curls are preserved for several days. In this case, they will not have to daily expose their hair to tough procedures, and the health of their hair will be preserved.So, in order to make light curls at home, you first need to wash your hair with shampoo. Then it is necessary to apply a foam, gel or mousse for hair on wet hair and dry it slightly.

Curls for a few days

Thinking about how to make curls for a few days? You can find out here. So, we proceed to curling the hair on the curlers. Based on personal experience, I can say that the most durable curls are obtained when the hair is wound on the curler all night. Of course, you will not have a quiet and comfortable sleep in such a position. But in the morning, removing the curlers, you can admire their luxurious elastic curls that perfectly keep their shape. You can be sure that your hair will not lose its appearance in the evening, and even persist for several days. That is, in the mornings for 4-5 days you will simply whip up your hair with a regular batch of hair mousse and get flawless beautiful curls.

Perm - long-term styling

how to make curls

Are you worried about how to make curls that will last for several weeks? In this case, we can recommend the following: a more durable hair styling is obtained,if you use a special tool for perming hair and special curlers - papilotki. Such curlers come in different diameters and are provided with elastic bands to fix the hair. When using thin papillotok, small curls are obtained, and when using larger ones, large curls are obtained. In order to make such a styling, you need to apply the composition for a chemical perm and twist them with the help of papilotok. Begin curling hair should be from the neck, moving gradually to the temples and the parietal part of the head. Since a perm is a long-term hair styling, it is very important that it be done correctly. Therefore, if you doubt that everything will work out for you, then contact your friend for help, or even better, if you entrust this difficult task to beauty salon professionals. They know exactly how to make the curls right.

Daily styling is quick and easy!

make light curls

If your option is daily hair styling, which is a light flowing curls, then heated hair rollers are quite suitable for her. They are boiled for 10-15 minutes, and then wound on the hair. After the heated hair rollers are cooled down, they are removed, the curls are whipped up and the hair is sprayed with a strong hold hairspray.A very important point in such a styling - do not comb your hair with a brush or comb. Combing the hair will cause the curls to immediately lose their shape. In this article, we told you how to make curls at home. In conclusion, I would like to say that whatever style you choose, lovely women, do not forget: the main thing is the health of the hair. After all, the curls are beautiful only when they radiate shine, softness and pleasant to the touch. Therefore, take care of hair regularly, using special nourishing shampoos, balms and masks for weakened and depleted hair. This will help keep them healthy.

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