How to cook tomato paste at home? Tomato Paste Recipe

tomato paste recipe

Tomato paste is a product obtained in the process of grinding and boiling ripe tomatoes. When processed, these vegetables practically do not lose their beneficial properties and retain their composition, which is why concentrated tomato products are considered useful at any time of the year.

Where to use pasta

Cooking borscht, kharcho and soups is impossible without using this product. Tomato paste is included in the composition of ketchup and Italian sauces, used for making marinades and pizza condiments.

how to make tomato paste at home

In summer and early autumn, when there are a lot of fresh vegetables, they use fleshy and juicy tomatoes for cooking. The first harvest of ground vegetables appears in July, and in September-October, the harvest stops. In order to delight yourself and your family with delicious and nutritious dishes with the addition of tomato paste, you need to prepare it in advance.

This popular product is prepared in different countries in different countries: Georgians add Caucasian spices and nuts, Greeks tend to preserve the most natural flavor and use light spices, Italians put garlic, onions, basil and red pepper. If you are interested in how to cook tomato paste at home, then decide what product you want to get in the end. You can try cooking according to different recipes, maximizing the menu!

Nutrients and Composition

Tomatoes contain vitamins A, C, E and a complex of group B. Minerals: iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, nickel and cobalt. Tomato paste is rich in phytohormones and lycopene, which prevents the appearance and development of cancerous tumors. It consists of essential oils and acids. There is a hormone serotonin, the inclusion of which helps in the fight against stress and improves mood. If you do not know how to cook tomato paste at home,Use our tips and get a useful supplement to the diet.

how to cook tomato paste at home

How to choose tomatoes

It is necessary to prepare ripe, fleshy tomatoes without prozeleni.Since the paste is obtained by boiling, the green fruit fragments darken during heat treatment, which will impair the appearance and quality of the product. Interested in how to cook tomato paste at home?It is best to choose the fruits of the famous variety Cream: they have enough pulp and little juice, which will optimize the processing process.

Classic option

This recipe for making tomato pastefamiliar to many hostesses, but you need to know the subtleties and secrets to get a quality product. Prepare the ingredients:

  • tomatoes - 2.5 kg;
  • 5-6 onions;
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic;
  • sugar - 120 g;
  • Table vinegar - 100 g;
  • salt.

Tomatoes are cleaned of contamination in running water, pruned unripe fragments and tainted places, remove the stalk.tomato paste recipeIn an enamel pot fold the fruit, cut in half (lengthwise or across, does not matter), onions, pour half a glass of water. Cover the pan with a lid and wait until it boils. Reduce the heat, boil for half an to cook tomato paste at home

Primary processing allows you to make the tomatoes soft and pliable for subsequent cleaning.After the mass has cooled, pass it through a sieve to remove seeds, skins and coarse pulp inclusions. Tomato semi-finished product must be boiled 3-5 times on the smallest fire. Stir the mass constantly to prevent burning. Add spices, squeeze garlic, cook for a few more minutes and remove from heat.

It is necessary to prepare in advance the banks and lids for sealing, because you need to store the paste in closed form. Now you know how to make tomato paste at home. However, there are still many interesting recipes.

Cooking spicy tomato paste in the oven

Adding spices improves the taste of any dish. The original tomato paste is no exception - many people will like the recipe for cooking in the oven. The portion is designed for 4 kg of tomatoes, but if you wish, you can adjust the recipe by adding the right amount of spices. So, for the specified number of tomatoes, prepare table salt (4-5 dessert spoons), black pepper, coriander and cinnamon (1/2 teaspoon), 12-14 dried clove blossoms, 1/2 bunch parsley, celery and basil. Dill umbrellas add a special spicy flavor.

Primary processing

Tomatoes need to be washed, cut the tainted areas and split in half. Next, put in a saucepan, add water (no more than 1 cup) and boil for about 8-10 minutes. Cool the mixture and pass through an average sieve, getting rid of unnecessary fragments (seeds, skins).

homemade tomato paste recipes


Mix semi-finished product with salt, lay out in a form with high sides, put in the oven, heated to 200 ° C. Cooking time depends on the quality of the raw materials. In the process it is important to monitor the consistency, which is obtained by boiling. To do this, every 20 minutes we get a lot, mix and check the thickness. When the paste gets the desired consistency, add bulk spices. Herbs tie a bunch and dip into the mass.After half an hour, remove the grass bundle, and distribute the hot mass into the banks and cork.

Now you know another version of how to cook tomato paste at home.

You can cook a lot of tomatoes, you can add other fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. This will improve the appearance of the product, make it taste rich and pleasant. It turns out unmatched homemade tomato paste, the recipes for which are listed below.

Apple pasta

For the preparation you will need 3-3.5 kg of tomato fruits, 0.7 kg of apples with dense pulp, 0.5 kg of onion, 30 g of vinegar and salt (1-1.5 dessert spoons). Wash products, peel and grind in a juicer. Further we act at will.

Option One

Mass boil over low heat until the amount of the mixture decreases several times. Immediately after cooking, decompose the tomato paste in the container and cork.

Option Two

We spread the mass obtained after the juicer into a clean cloth, tie a knot and hang it over the container for the night. During this time, the excess liquid goes away, and in the morning it is enough to boil the mixture for 30 minutes with salt and another 10 minutes with vinegar. The resulting product is closed in banks.

It is important to remember that leaving the rubbed mixture overnight in a cloth should be in a cool room so that it does not turn sour until morning.

Tomato with celery

Thanks to this recipe you will get not just a paste, but a real vitamin “bomb”. Prepare 2.5 kg of tomato fruits, 5-6 medium celery roots, 5-6 onions and 6 medium apples. From the spices, it is recommended to add cinnamon and ground black pepper equally (1/2 teaspoonful), 6 clove inflorescences and red pepper (pinch). Saturated taste will be added with sugar (100 g) and salt (150 g).

how to cook tomato paste at home


Washed and sliced ​​tomatoes are evaporated for 20 minutes and passed through a sieve. They bake apples in the oven, knead them, removing the core and skins. Celery and onion finely chopped, evaporated with a small amount of water, wipe. Mix the vegetable and fruit puree, add salt and sugar, boil to the consistency of thick jam. Spices put before removing the mixture from the fire, boil for a couple of minutes. When hot, it is poured into cans and sealed with lids.

Original recipes

If your garden plot has turned out to be a great success, we will show you how to make tomato paste at home with the addition of plums or sweet pepper.

Option 1

Prepare 2.5 kg of tomato fruits, 0.7 kg of plums, 3-4 onions, 1 head of garlic, spices (red, black pepper) to taste. Sugar and salt are added depending on taste preferences. Separately, prepare mashed tomatoes from onions and mashed plums in a familiar pattern (boil down and rub through a sieve). The masses are mixed, boil again. Add spices and garlic at the very end of cooking, spread the paste in cans.

Option 2

Tomato with red bell pepper. You will need the fruits of tomatoes, peppers and onions (approximately 1 kg).Peel vegetables, chop, mix and boil together. After half an hour, cool the mass and wipe it. Add salt and sugar to taste, bring jam to thickness, stir constantly. Stoppage.

How to store ready-made pasta

When choosing a container for storing a tomato, immediately note that for preparing dishes it is taken quite a bit, which means that an open can will stand in the refrigerator for a long time. You can immediately select small jars (200 g). If a tomato is packaged in cans of 500 g or more, then, to prevent mold, sprinkle the rest of the paste with salt and pour a little oil on the surface.

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