How to cook a crucian? Crucian carp roasted, baked, in sour cream - recipes, photos

A crucian carp is a simple fish that does not require large "investments", such as red or sturgeon. But for all its inexpensive cost, the price-taste ratio is quite consistent with culinary reality. Thinking about how to cook a crucian, an experienced cook offhand recalls a couple of on-call recipes: crucian carp in sour cream, a crucian ear, crucian carp, fried whole. There are a lot of them. Let's go and we will try to cook something such.

Preliminary processing

Well, that wash-clean-gut - this is understandable. But do not rush to decapitate this fish! If the carp is small, it needs to be fried completely. Heads should be cut only by large fish, as cooks advise. But do not forget to pull out the gills and eyes. They can give the dish an extra bitterness.

how to cook crucian

When gutting, we open the belly gently,so as not to damage the gallbladder. You can also remove the tail and fins, if the fish is large. Carp meat has a slightly sweet taste. Who does not like it, let them pre-soak the fish in a sour marinade (for example: lemon juice, onion, spices and vegetable oil) before cooking the crucian. Dry the carcass before frying. We recommend to fry only on vegetable refined oil. Well, actually, all wisdom. And now - recipes!

Fried carp

It is a crispy fish crusty dish cooked in a griddle. Crucian is a bony fish. Pull out this little thing - you will not get the trouble. But there is a simple proven way to avoid this procedure. We do the following.

Baked carp in the oven

On the fish cutting board, holding each crucian by the head, we make a series of transverse notches with a distance of no more than two or three millimeters from each other, cutting the fish to the spine itself. Then the small bones after frying will be edible.


Two kilograms of fresh fish (large cut into portions, small can be whole), flour for boning - 200 grams, butter for frying - 100-200 grams, onions,salt and pepper to taste.


How to cook a crucian? Heat the pan over medium heat. Pour oil there. Pour flour in a flat, large dish. It can be salted to taste. You can add a little pepper. We roll in the flour of our karasikov, pre-cooked.

fried crucian carp

Fry on average, closer to strong, fire. As they turn red - we turn to the other side. You can flip several times. But the main thing is that the fish should not be extinguished, namely, be fried to noble gold. Onions cut into half rings and fry separately to a ruddy state to crunch on the teeth.

How to serve

In general, this dish is for lovers of good crunch. Serve it on a large plate, laying out onions and fresh uncut greens. As a garnish it will be good to cook rice or fried crispy potatoes.

Baked carp in the oven

This dish will not take much time from you if you are a busy person. And the effort spent on its preparation, will more than pay off a wonderful taste. I must say that the dish “Carp in the oven baked in foil” is very tasty and, most importantly, useful, since this method of preparation preserves vitamins and trace elements. The only drawback of the dish is the abundance of small bones.This problem can be solved by thoroughly baking fish and making pre-cuts on the carcass. So small bones will just become soft. We will need ten small crucians, two onions, two potatoes, two carrots, vegetable oil for frying, salt and pepper to taste. You can also use ready-made seasoning for fish, sold in stores. Fish goes entirely. Onions cut into half rings, carrots and potatoes - into cubes, circles or straws, as you like. Put the foil on the baking tray of the oven, preferably in two layers (it will not leak out exactly).

Three layers

Make three layers of the dish. The first is vegetables and onions. The second is the fish itself. The third is the vegetables again. We close the future dish with foil. We bake in the oven at a temperature of 180-200 degrees until cooked. At the end of the process, open the foil from the top so that our dish will brown.

crucian in the oven

The whole process, depending on the size of the fish, takes about an hour. It is important that the fish retains all the useful properties inherent in it.


If you have the “Grill” mode in your oven, you can use it with pleasure. But then it is necessary to carefully ensure that our fish are not burnt.You can enable this mode briefly just before the final. So crucians in foil will be rosy. Serve can be in foil, and can be put on plates in portions. In any case, our crucian carp baked in foil preserves the exquisite taste. Recipes there are others. There are a lot of them.

crucian recipes

Crucians in sour cream

This dish will certainly cause nostalgia for the era of developed socialism, when in all self-respecting restaurants served carp in sour cream. Actually, nothing complicated. The whole thing - in the way of cooking.

Ingredients: fresh crucians - two kilograms (the smaller, the better), fat cream - 300 grams, onions - half a kilogram, greens, butter - 100 grams, spices and salt - to taste. On forget to make transverse cuts on the carcasses.


The fish, already prepared, salt and pepper. Finely chop the greens and mix with sour cream. Onion cut into rings or half rings. Bake the pan in the oven with butter (still hard). Top lay out a layer of onions. Crucians like stuffing with sour cream mixed with greens, and spread the mixture on top. Then lay the fish on a baking sheet in rows on the onion rings.The fish should lie on top of the bow, which will not allow it to stick. We bake in the oven at 200 degrees. When a characteristic golden crust forms, the fish is ready. Serve in a Soviet-style, as a separate hot dish, with vodka and a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.


Fisherman's soup made from crucian carp is a simple and very tasty dish. It can be prepared both on fishing, and at home. In addition, carp well caught in many waters of the former USSR. And the remaining products for cooking soup easily accessible.

carp ear

You will need: crucian carp - four pieces, onions - one piece, carrots - one piece, potatoes - three pieces, spices and salt - to taste, bay leaf, greens.


Dice vegetables and onions. Prepare the fish as for frying (see above). Put the fish in a saucepan and fill it with water. We put there the whole head of onions. Bring to a boil, remove the foam. Add sliced ​​vegetables. Then - salt and bay leaf. Cook for about twenty minutes and try. If the potatoes are boiled, the ear is ready!

This is another recipe for cooking carp. For the fish soup of this fish a slightly sweet taste is characteristic, which gives a simple, at first glance, dish a special piquancy.For special gourmands: before you are ready, pour 20-30 grams of good vodka into your ear and throw 50 grams of butter into the pan. Of the secrets: do not cook the fish for more than 20 minutes, otherwise it will fall apart into small pieces. Some also do not put a carrot in the ear, and when cooking fish, add a little milk. With this method of cooking fish is served separately, and the soup - in a special bowl.

What is most interesting - the concept of "ear" is inherent in the Russian language. For example, in English there is no such word. Just soup, fish soup.

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