How to consecrate the apartment?

Many of us very rarely resort to the help of religion in difficult situations, but when it takes a serious turn, and there is no one else to hope for, we remember about God. The priests claim that the fact of conversion is already a good step, regardless of when it is made. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the fact that we are asking for help from a higher power. One of the manifestations of the protection of themselves and their families through prayer is the consecration of their homes. According to all the rules, only a priest can do this, but if for some reason his visit is impossible, then you can learn how to consecrate an apartment, a house, even an office and production premises.

The recommendations of the clergy

In order to consecrate a house, one must have holy water recruited on the night of Epiphany. It is necessary to sprinkle it with the house, all its rooms, all the corners, windows, doors. At this time, the prayer, “May God be resurrected,” is read, then the psalm 90 is read, and in conclusion, say, “In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” And the confessors say that no damage, the evil eye will not remain in the house, where they constantly pray, they light candles, where there are icons and sincere words of repentance of Christians. We have to pray for the place, they say. If something important should happen in the house or with the family members, then you need to light the candles, ask God for help, wait for the candles to burn out. And if you just pray with candles, then it can be extinguished and lit again.

An ancient way to clean the home

If you have not decided yet how to consecrate an apartment on your own, then you can resort to this ancient method. Count how many rooms you have in your apartment. Bathroom, hallway, kitchen, pantry are also considered as separate rooms. It is necessary to buy in the church as many candles as you counted rooms. Then memorize one single prayer, "Our Father." Start to clean the apartment from the front door, therefore, from the hallway. Light the first candle, bring it to each joint, to the doorway, go around the perimeter in a clockwise direction. If somewhere the candle started to make a strong crash, then stay in this place until it stops making loud noises. Then go to the next room. Extinguish the first candle, light the second. In the next room, do the same - go around all corners, bring the candle to the doorposts, to the windows, to the handles. So you have to go around all the rooms, each time lighting a new candle.All the while you are doing this ritual, you must read a prayer. After it, you need to collect all the wax from the candle, all the remnants, take it to the church.

Cleansing homes for people of any faith

This method will tell you how to properly consecrate an apartment if representatives of different religions live under the same roof. Buy a new broom, start the ritual on the growing moon on Thursday. Accept to sweep garbage from every room, from distant rooms to the front door. To yourself, say the words: "Rubbish from the house down, troubles and troubles down." Sweep the garbage on the newspaper, wrap it tight, take it along with a broom away from the house and burn it.

General tips

In order to prevent negative energy from penetrating into your apartment, you must lead a correct spiritual lifestyle. It is necessary to sincerely believe in God, not to violate his commandments, not to wish other people that you would not wish for yourself, not to defile your thoughts with bad thoughts, your mouth with dirty words, your body with bad habits.

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