How to connect a Sberbank card?

A bank card is a convenient means of storing anduse of money. With it you can pay for goods and services, transfer funds from one account to another, replenish the balance of the phone and much more. And the owners of the Savings Bank card have the opportunity to connect convenient services, such as Mobile Bank and Sberbank Online. With them, the process of using the map becomes even easier and more enjoyable. If you do not already have a Sberbank card, but you want to have it, you will be helped by the How to get a Sberbank card.

Connect Sberbank card to all possibleservices can be done at its registration in the bank branch or when there is a need for it. If you decide to use the full capabilities of your card, connect both Mobile Bank and Sberbank Online.

How to connect the card to the Mobile Bank service?

The Mobile Bank has the right to useevery owner of a valid bank card of any kind. You can connect it if there is a registered subscriber number from any cellular operator. This number will receive SMS-messages, notifying about the transactions made with the card of the Savings Bank.

Using the service gives you the following options:

  • Receipt of information on enrollment, writing off, transfer of funds;
  • Receipt of data on the size of the account;
  • Ability to recharge mobile phone balance;
  • Obtaining passwords when using the Sberbank Online service;
  • The possibility of using the AutoPayment service.

You can connect the Savings Bank card to the Mobile Bank service in three ways:

  1. Appeal to the branch of the Savings Bank. It is necessary to visit the bank office, taking a map, passport and mobile phone number with you. Employees of the financial institution will be asked to fill out a form where all the required information should be indicated. For three working days the service must be connected.
  2. Connection via payment terminal. To receive SMS-informing on a mobile phone, you can use the terminal of the Savings Bank.
    • You need to insert the card into the card reader, enter the PIN code.
    • After that, the main menu will appear, where it is necessary to enter the section "Mobile Bank".
    • Click the button "Connect main card".
    • Choose the appropriate tariff, enter the phone number.
    • Wait for the confirmation SMS message.
  3. Support phone supportSberbank. You should call 8800-555-5550, give your details: name, first name, patronymic, phone number, passport details and wait for the service to be connected.

Mobile banking service is free of charge. Once a month, a subscription fee of 0-60 rubles will be charged, depending on the type of card and the selected tariff.

How to connect the card to the Sberbank Online service?

If you have activated the Mobile Bank service, youyou can use the Sberbank Online service, you just need to get a password and an identification number. It is not difficult to do this through the terminal or by contacting the support operators by phone.

If there is a terminal nearby:

  1. You need to insert a card, enter a PIN-code, select "Internet Service" in the menu.
  2. Press the print password button and take the check that appears. It displays important information that needs to be saved.

You can contact your service providerhis request to provide a personal ID and password from Sberbank Online. After the message of personal data you will receive a password and an identification number.

Now it remains to go to the official site of the Savings Bank, enter the received data and use the Sberbank Online service in full.

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