How to connect a music center?

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How to connect a music center?

In this article we will explain how to connect the stereo system to a computer. This is done in order to hear your favorite things, so to speak, in its entirety, because not always the music centers meet the needs of music lovers. And with a good sound card on your computer, your favorite songs will sound in a new way: much brighter and more qualitative.

We connect the music center to the computer

To connect you need a special cord. It is called a “tulip”, and surely many have heard about it. You can buy it in almost every store or market. When buying a cord, consider the model of your music center, since the dimensions of the cord must fit the size of the technique.

So, having got the necessary cord, insert one of its ends into the connector of the music center (this connector may be located in different places, according to the individual design of your equipment). The second end has a standard connector - the so-called "jack."It is inserted into the jack for speakers, but a jack for headphones can also come up.

By connecting the cord in this way, it remains only to start the music center and turn on the sound (with the button that turns on the sound of the AUX TV). Alternatively, you can press the “Function” button and select “Audio in” (the volume should be turned down to the minimum before connecting the cord).

We output a sound on the computer

In order to output the sound from the stereo system to the computer, do the following simple manipulations. First of all, connect the microphone or headphone jack (Phones) to the blue jack on the computer using the audio jack cable. Usually this cable is not included with the stereo system.

Next, select the “Function” button, and then either “CD” or “TAPE” or “TUNER / BAND” (it’s not necessary to remind you that the volume should be turned down to the minimum before connecting the cord). Now you can safely enjoy your favorite songs on the computer and in the music center.

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing complicated about the connection. Well, if you for some reason cannot find the required cord, you can always make it yourself.

We make the cord yourself

You'll need: 3.5 cable, audio / video input, and a simple tulip cable. At the 3.5 cable we clean the wires and wind up two of its wires with a copper coating. Now solder the two wired with each other wiring to the metal-based audio / video. You also need to solder the two remaining wires to the rest of the contacts. Then we fasten the metal base with plastic with materials convenient for you (electrical tape, adhesive tape, etc.), after which we find two outlets on the back case labeled “AUX”. We take the cable "tulip", we connect it from the side of the bells to the self-made cable, and the other to the computer. Now you can listen to music, for which the computer, press the playback of the song, and on the music center, select the "AUX" button.

Additional recommendations

It is also worth noting that sellers often recommend connecting speakers directly to a computer for better sound. However, having made the connection according to our instructions, you will get an even better sound, and it is very easy to cope with this task! After you master this connection, we advise you to read our article How to connect the speakers to the TV.

And finally, one valuable remark about cords such as "tulip". These cords are available with gold-plated coating and are considered advanced. Improved "tulip" gives a good sound quality with special professional equipment. However, this difference cannot be felt on ordinary household music centers at home. It is worth such a cord at times more expensive, so we do not advise you to spend money on it, but we recommend buying the most common “tulip”, unless you are a DJ or a professional sound engineer who purchases a similar cord for special equipment.

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