How to configure Yandex. Direct?

The effectiveness of online advertising, no one in doubt. Advertising on the pages of Yandex and its partner sites is especially popular in this area. But usually beginners have many questions about how to properly configure Yandex. Direct and create ads. So where do you start?

How to configure Yandex. Direct: useful tips

The first step will be - by registering an account with Yandex.Direct, you can start setting it up and plan your advertising budget. On the page you will need to click the button - "Submit an ad". The system will offer two options for work - light and professional. It is better to choose the second one, it guarantees an increased campaign effectiveness, and in the “easy” version many actions will be performed automatically.

Next, click the "Start using the service" button - this action will launch the wizard for creating an ad. In the "Company Name" field, you will need to enter your name or select it from the list provided, configure the launch and end dates of the show, as well as indicate the address for sending notifications. Also keep in mind the following features:

  1. You will not pay for impressions, but for clicks - that is, for every potential client who will go on your ad to your site. You set the price yourself, but the minimum is $ 0.01.
  2. You can bind an ad campaign to a region. Yandex search is used by about 50 million people, and in order to effectively spend the budget, it makes sense to “tie” the display of ads to any region, region, city. Then the probability will increase that the visitor who has come to your site will also become your client.
  3. Your ad can be shown at a certain time interval. Yandex. Direct offers a convenient setting - advertising of your company can only be shown at specified hours, when you can quickly help a client, for example, during working hours.
  4. You can customize the issuance of ads on thematic sites. This feature allows you to show your ad not only on search sites, but also on thematic Internet resources, which increases its effectiveness.

In addition, the ability to independently manage thematic and search advertising in Yandex.Direct is implemented. This allows you to more accurately customize advertising campaigns.So, you can assign a price per click on thematic sites, regardless of the price on the search. You can generally disable the display of ads when searching, focusing only on thematic resources. Or, using the "Forbidden sites" setting, add those that you don’t want your ads to appear on.

Writing an ad

After setting up your account you will need to create an ad. Most advertising texts indicate the price and region - this allows you to weed out non-target audience. Also make sure that the link from the ad leads exactly to the page on your site where the proposed product or service is described.

Do not forget to make the text as specific as possible. For example, when choosing the keyword “apartment,” your ad will appear to those who want to buy, sell, rent or rent an apartment. If you choose the key phrase “apartment for rent”, this will help eliminate a lot of untargeted traffic and increase efficiency, which, in turn, will save money and time when managing advertising in Yandex. Direct.

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