How to choose a refrigerator?

Buying a refrigerator is a responsible and not an easy task at all, since when choosing, you need to take into account the needs of all family members. To date, the market offers a variety of models differing in functionality, price, design and dimensions. In this article we will look at how to choose a good refrigerator for the whole family.

Kinds of refrigerators

All refrigerators are divided into several types, which differ in the number of cells:

  • Single chambers - this type of refrigerator consists of a single refrigerator compartment, with a small freezer compartment. Best of all this option is suitable for small families that do not need long-term storage of large quantities of products.
  • Two-compartment - is the most popular type of refrigerators. In it, the freezing and cooling chambers are located behind separate doors, which is very convenient and allows you to place more products.
  • Refrigerators or Side-by-Side - this type of refrigerators also refers to two-compartment, only the freezer compartment can be located both on the right and left of the main compartment, and it looks like a two-door closet.Its dimensions are much larger than the standard, and it is best suited for a spacious kitchen and a large family.
  • Multi chambers are a very versatile type of refrigerators, which, in addition to the two main compartments, has additional chambers. For example: a wet zone for vegetables and greens, a camera for deep freezing, a wine compartment, etc. When choosing this model, remember that the cost of the product depends on the number of additional compartments.


Analyzing how to choose a refrigerator, you should not miss the size of the product. When buying, it is important to consider: both the area of ​​the room where it will be located, and the length and width of doorways and elevators through which it will have to be carried.

When choosing models, remember that the refrigerator should not be too high or low. Choosing products more than 180 cm - you know, they will be very uncomfortable to use with low growth. The best option that will suit all family members, both with low and with high growth - is 150-160cm.

Refrigerator volume

To choose a refrigerator by the parameters, it is necessary to take into account the useful volume, which directly affects the capacity of the product.To determine the required volume for your family, it is necessary to calculate, depending on the number of family members and diet, the optimal capacity of the chambers. For example, the predominance of fruits and vegetables in the diet will require a larger chamber with high humidity, and if meat and fish are preferred, then the freezer should be more. For a family of 2-3 people, a single-chamber model may well be suitable, and a refrigerator with a larger capacity is perfect for a large family who are used to frequent guests.

Specifications for different models may indicate either a usable or total volume. It is desirable to clarify, even before the purchase. The useful volume may be as follows:

  • single-chamber refrigerators - 80-250 liters;
  • two-chamber refrigerators - 260-350 liters;
  • refrigerated cabinets - 200-500 liters;
  • multi-compartment refrigerators - 350-800 liters.

Cooling chamber

Which refrigerator is better to choose depends on the quantity and type of products you intend to store in it. The refrigerator is the main compartment for products that do not require freezing, and intended for long-term storage.This is the largest compartment in the refrigerator can have both glass and plastic and metal shelves, which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, glass shelves are very durable and spectacular, but difficult to keep clean, and plastic is very convenient to wash, but the fragility and the ability to accumulate odors is not in their favor. Metal grates are considered very reliable and do not interfere with air circulation inside the chamber.

The temperature in this compartment ranges from 0? up to +10? C. Some models may be equipped with a forced temperature control, and a freshness compartment for storing vegetables and herbs.

Freezer camera

The generally accepted standard for all freezers has the following types of labeling:

  • one asterisk - * - indicates that in the freezer compartment the minimum temperature is -6 ° C, not suitable for long-term storage;
  • two asterisks - ** - means -12 ° C minimum temperature, which is suitable for storing products up to 1 month;
  • three asterisks - *** - food storage is possible for up to 3 months, with a minimum temperature of -18 ° C;
  • Four asterisks - **** - give the preservation of products up to six months and maintain the temperature range up to - 24 ° С.


Modern refrigerators have two types of automatic defrost systems:

  • Dropping defrost - characterized by freezing ice on the back wall. When the compressor stops, they melt and drain into a special pan along the grooves, where they subsequently evaporate on their own. Such refrigerators are cheaper, and they are recommended to be defrosted manually every six months.
  • No Frost - this technology forms a frost in a special compartment of the evaporator, where the periodically switched on heater melts it. It is recommended that models of such refrigerators be turned off once a year as a preventive measure.


The compressor is directly responsible for the cooling process. Refrigerators are divided into:

  • Single-compressor - these models are very popular due to low cost.
  • Two-compressor - more stably maintain temperature and possibly separate defrosting chambers.
  • No-compressor - are characterized by a complete lack of noise, but are completed only for small-sized refrigerators.

Additional features

Consider how to choose a refrigerator for your home to use modern additional features:

  • Management - is divided into electronic and electromechanical. The first type allows you to more accurately make settings and is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Antibacterial coating - prevents the formation of mold and mildew, and also eliminates unpleasant odors.
  • Indication - is divided into sound and light. Manifested with open door, power outage and increase in temperature compartment.
  • Design continues to be constantly improved. Fashionable to meet models decorated with rhinestones, equipped with a TV screen and a clock.
  • Vacation is a mode that allows you to save energy in the absence of family members.


The article will not be complete if we do not consider the question of which firm to choose a refrigerator. Such companies as Samsung, Stinol, LG, Atlant, Indesit, Ariston, etc. have fallen into the list of reliable and most popular ones. The leader in production is the German brand Liebherr, characterized by a service life of more than 25 years and full compliance with quality and price.

The most popular models on the market are:

  • Samsung brand refrigerators
  • Refrigerators brand Zanussi
  • Refrigerators brand Vestfrost

What brand to choose a refrigerator is up to you. When deciding, you need to build on both your own preferences and the other parameters that suit you.

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