How to choose a mechanical splinter for firewood

Not so long ago, the manual preparation of firewood was accompanied by such unpleasant consequences as general fatigue and corns covered with palms. Fortunately, progress does not stand still. Today, the owners come to the aid of a motorized splinter for firewood. The mechanical machine allows you to save time and effort, as well as quickly prepare such volumes of wood, which previously could only dream of. Let's see what are these units.

Features of operation

Cleaver for mechanical firewood - an effective assistant in the household. It can be used not only when harvesting wood for heating a house, a summer house or a bath, but also for commercial use (providing services to the public, organizing a sawmill). Much here depends on the performance of the unit. However, even the most low-powered firewood cleaver is able to replace the efforts of several experienced loggers.

splinter for firewood

Structurally, devices of this category consist of a chute for laying logs, a wood feed mechanism, an abutment and a cutting part.The required force can be created hydraulically or screw.

Using a mechanical splinter for firewood is quite simple. The task of harvesting an impressive amount of wood can handle one person. It is enough to load the logs on the platform in time, fix them and press the lever. To choose the most suitable solution for existing needs, it is necessary to understand the main types of splitters and their differences.

Cleaver for wood screw

The simplest type of devices for this purpose. Structurally, a conventional screw wood splitter consists of a metal case, a cone mechanism and a cutting edge. The advantage of such machines lies in the ease of operation, small size and affordable cost. A screw cleaver is well suited to meet the needs of a country house firewood or a small boiler room.

splinter for firewood mechanical

Among the disadvantages of this solution, it is worth noting the relatively low productivity, as well as manual feeding of logs. Therefore, if it is necessary to procure substantial volumes of wood blocks, such a splinter for firewood is ineffective.


For processing large quantities of logs, it is recommended to use a hydraulic machine. The main force element here is the cylinder. Under the influence of the force that is created by the pressure of the fluid, the cutting rod starts to move. The design also provides an engine and pump. If you wish, you can collect such sticks for firewood with your own hands.

If it is decided to give preference to the factory model, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • The strength of the split depends on the size of the cylinder, the performance of the engine and its capacity.
  • Dimensions of the device for feeding logs.
  • The location of the blanks - horizontal or vertical.choppers for firewood with their own hands

Hydraulic splinter for firewood can be a good helper in the harvesting of wood, because the units of this category have high performance. Such machines are successfully used in domestic conditions and in commercial sawmills.


Models in this category contain a gear that is responsible for moving the cutting edge. The standard design includes an engine, a cleaver, a belt reducer.

The logs are stacked between the cutting blade and the safety stop. When the mechanism is activated, the gear clutch occurs, after which the cleaver begins to move in the direction of the wood block, splitting it in half. Elements of the mechanism are returned to their original position after removing the logs and pressing the corresponding handle.

To choose an efficient rack unit for harvesting firewood, you should focus on a few defining moments:

  • Splitting force
  • Maximum length of blanks.
  • The shape of the cleaver (some models contain cutting edges capable of dividing the block into several parts in one parish).wood cleaver screw

To date, the domestic consumer has access to many individual modifications of the chopsticks for wood, which differ according to the technical capabilities and functionality. Therefore, in order to determine a worthy option, it is necessary to focus on the scope and complexity of the work to be performed.


At present, factory mechanical wood splitters of professional brands are capable of becoming the most reliable solution for harvesting wood blocks.Unlike hand-made or home-made products, they have a more impressive performance margin. However, the price of such units is quite high. Therefore, the purchase of a professional machine for domestic tasks can be a waste of money.

If it is necessary to use a cleaver for firewood in a household, it is recommended to give preference to products of lesser-known manufacturers. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the build quality and availability of warranty.

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