How to choose a gift travel package?

In our dynamic time, people of different professionshave to spend a lot of time on the road. Some are often on business trips and business trips, others simply like to see the world and are fond of traveling. In this or that case, during a long journey a person needs maximum comfort. For these purposes, many take with them on a trip a special road kit filled with the most necessary things. Let's consider in detail what can include a man's dressing case and how to choose it correctly as a set

What to take on a trip?

Before any trip, it is always worthwhilea list of things called "nesesseti" - the most important items that are sure to come in handy on the road. This list does not include clothes and shoes - they are usually packaged separately in a suitcase. Also the most important things in a way depend on the purpose of the trip, its duration and features.

In addition, the women's travel kitdiffers from the male counterpart. If the fair sex people rely on bath accessories, cosmetics, creams, combs, various means to look perfect in any situation, men can not do without multifunctional knives, flashlights, notebooks and other practical things.

Cosmetic Travel Set

Male road kit may differ in itsdepending on the purpose of the trip. Proceeding from this, cosmetic sets, sleep sets and picnic kits are distinguished. The first option is ideal for long journeys by train or car, as well as for air travel. In this case, in a small suitcase are placed such essentials as: a comb, gels for and after shaving, a mirror, a towel. Also, you can add face cream (hands, feet), manicure scissors, a sponge for shoes,'s travel kit

Bags for sleeping

If there is a long flight or verya long trip by land transport, the best solution is to take along a road set for a comfortable sleep. It usually includes a comfortable inflatable cushion-headrest, eye liners, removable slippers and a warm blanket. All these components are designed to create the most comfortable position of the body so that the trip does not cause unpleasant memories. Very often this set includes a notepad for notes, because many people on the road have interesting ideas that need to be fixed.

Set for the motorist

Often in the trunk of an amateur motorist, you cansee a travel kit for travel, filled with a variety of accessories. As a rule, it includes: a basic bag, glasses, cups or cups, spoons, forks, knives, plates, a dish for shish kebab, napkins, tablecloth or a small oilcloth. Sometimes a corkscrew, a flask, a funnel, a lighter, playing cards are added here.

Such a complete set can be designed fordifferent number of persons. For example, a small vanity case includes components for two persons, and more spacious ones for six or more persons. Such a set is an excellent assistant in the organization of cultural recreation in the bosom of nature. In addition to entertainment, some men take it with them on a hiking trip to the mountains, hunting or set for travel

How to choose a gift set?

Today, among men, fashionable andA practical gift is a kit on the road. In order to choose a quality gift travel kit, which will please the future owner, you should pay attention to some of the nuances. In particular, it is not worth pursuing the price, because a cheap set, accordingly, includes cheap components. But too expensive can not justify the hopes placed on him. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on the quality of components.

It is better to choose a vanity bag, whose main bagmade of genuine leather. Such a thing will serve a long service, because the natural material is more wear-resistant. Knives, forks, spoons, glasses will be more practical if made of stainless steel. This especially applies to multifunctional knives, which can perform the functions of a corkscrew, can openers, screwdrivers, etc. As for napkins and glues, these things are usually disposable, and there are no special claims for travel package

Playing sets

Since Soviet times, our compatriotstraditions have been preserved for taking table games with them on nature. Thus, sets, including checkers, chess and dominoes, became very popular. It is with these games that it will not be boring in any company, be it men or women. Also an interesting gift can be a road set for poker. This includes: a deck of playing cards, a dealer chip and a few dozen chips for players.

In the market there are souvenir sets, consisting offrom chess, checkers and backgammon. They also take on trips to brighten up leisure. No less interesting is the "tic-tac-toe" playing set, which includes a magnetic board and several chips.

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