How to check checksums?

Today it is possible to obtain the same digital information from various sources. Naturally, there is a need to ensure the integrity of the data that is used. The simplest and most comprehensible way to check integrity, can be calculation plus comparison of checksums. How to check the checksums, it becomes clear from this example. So, the file checksum of the software distribution package that was downloaded from the torrent network can be checked by comparing it with the value that should have been published on the developer’s website. In order to solve the problem of how to check the checksum of a file, you need Total Commander, a widely used file manager.

Action algorithm

  • In Total Commander we find the file that needs to be checked. We turn to the problem of how to see the checksums. Run Total Commander. There, in one of the panels, you need to change the current disk to the one in which the required file is located. For this purpose, use the buttons or drop-down list located at the top of the toolbar.Open the necessary items from the list of directories by clicking on them with the mouse and go to the desired directory with the file.
  • The next step to solve the problem, how to find out the checksums, is to work in the settings of the calculation parameters of the CSF. Open the corresponding settings dialog. To do this, you need to expand the "File" section in the application's main menu, then click on the "Create SFV checksum file (CRC) ..." command.
  • Inspect the settings for the formation of checksums. Check the box "MD5" in the dialog titled "Creating SFV-checksum files (CRC)".
  • If it is necessary that the result of the РКС file is an MD5-hash (we pay attention to this, since most of the checksums that are published on the Internet are MD5-hashes).
  • Remove the checkbox icon "For each separate file create a separate SFV file." Select the command "Save checksum file as:" Enter the path and the corresponding file name, where the resulting result of the calculation of the sum control will be placed.
  • We expect CSF. In the corresponding window "Creating SFV-files of checksums (CRC)" you must click the "OK" button, after which the process of calculating the checksum will be performed.You can monitor the progress of the process, which will be displayed in the window that appears as a progress indicator. With a large amount of the original file, the calculation of the checksum will take a lot of time. In any case, you must wait until the end of the operation.
  • The final step will be to check the CSF. This can be done by opening the created checksum file in a text editor or any viewer. It is better to use the built-in view function in Total Commander. To do this, select the generated file of calculated checksums in the Total Commander panel known to us, and then press the F3 key. A line appears in the file, which is structurally composed of two parts.

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