Summer is a synonym for relaxation and fun time for both children and adults. Those who have had a birthday at this time of the year are doubly lucky. There are many options for celebration - hence the difficulty with the choice. Someone prefers to celebrate a birthday in the bosom of the family, but for someone it is important to meet their birthday in a big way. The undoubted plus of the summer holiday is the opportunity to spend it in nature. There are other options - we will find out about them and find out in the next article.

How to celebrate a birthday in nature?

If you are not afraid of mosquitoes, flies and other charms of nature, then a picnic would be a good option (maybe even with tents!) Plus, such a celebration is comfortable for everyone, fresh air, no need to clean the apartment later. Naturally, it is necessary to warn guests in advance about appropriate clothing. Get better off the city so you can have fun all night.
In summer you can gather friends for a picnic.In summer you can gather friends for a picnic.
If you are celebrating a birthday at a recreation center, renting a sound that will help create an atmosphere of comfortable rest at the expense of music will not interfere. Also stock up on the ball, badminton and the Twister game, since guests always want to spend time in nature actively.
If you do not want to cook the holiday yourself, you can use the services of a catering agency that develops a holiday program, purchases food and caters to guests at the birthday party.
And if you have a cottage, the holiday can be delayed for a couple of days. You can grab the ball, and tennis rackets, and a guitar for sitting around the campfire. If there is a clean reservoir nearby, you can compete in fishing, and then cook the soup. There are also many options for food: kebabs, barbecues, baked vegetables, and various salads.

Should I rent a restaurant?

If you and your friends are not connoisseurs of nature, and on a holiday you can not appear not in an evening dress or tuxedo, then you can spend your birthday in a restaurant. This is the easiest version of the celebration - there is no need for preliminary preparation, you do not have to cook yourself and clean the apartment.In addition, the restaurant is always a pleasant atmosphere, well-dressed audience, live music and pleasant service.
Restaurant is a classic place to celebrate a birthdayRestaurant is a classic place to celebrate a birthday
The only drawback can be considered that the birthday celebration in a good restaurant will significantly affect the budget, if this is not compensated by gifts from guests. It is also worth checking that the restaurant is located in a place from which it was convenient for all guests to get home. Now there are many options for restaurants with summer terraces overlooking the most beautiful views of the city or suburban landscape. Here you can have a theme party, and the summer rain that started suddenly will not interfere with the continuation of the holiday.
A good option for summer can be a country restaurant overlooking the water or with a beautiful forest landscape. Instead of the stuffy city, it is always better to choose fresh air.

Rest on the water

Not quite a standard option - a celebration on the river ships. You will definitely be able to surprise and please your loved ones, and yourself. You can rent a boat for a day and arrange a disco with your favorite music.However, it is worth considering that renting a motor ship is not a cheap pleasure.
Great idea - to have a party on the boatGreat idea - to have a party on the boat
In addition, you can book excursions and ride on local attractions, which you might not have guessed. Of course, the best thing is to contact the travel company, where you will be offered an event plan, menu and itinerary, and the animators will amuse the guests.

Holiday at home

But the opportunity to spend a birthday away from home for one reason or another is not always the case. In this case, you can organize a good party in a familiar atmosphere. To do this, it is not necessary to cook a lot of salads and bake a cake. Now themed parties are in fashion with the appropriate elements of decor, outfits and snacks. You and your loved ones will remember such an evening for a long time.
It is necessary to choose the theme of the holiday, for example, to celebrate a birthday in the Russian style. You can put on the festive table dumplings, vinaigrette and pancakes with filling, and as the main drink will be, of course, Russian vodka. Holidays in a certain style are remembered by the guests, and besides, the preparation for such a birthday will be interesting in itself, and it will not matter to anyone that you have not traveled anywhere.
The editors of believe that what matters more is not where to mark, but with whom.Summer itself is beautiful and gives many opportunities. Choose a comfortable environment for you and your loved ones, calculate the budget and preferences of friends, do not forget about the weather. Even if you have already forgotten when you last celebrated your birthday, you should not ignore this holiday, because this is an opportunity to have a good time with your close friends, get nice presents and recharge yourself with positive energy for the next year.

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