How to cause emotions?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
April 29, 2015
How to cause emotions?

When someone feels bad, he needs positive emotions like air. And if you are a loved one, then you should know how to cause such emotions.

First, we recommend that you read our article What are emotions. And in this article we will give advice on how quickly you can transfer a charge of positive energy to another person.

How to cheer up

If your friend, relative or acquaintance is completely discouraged, you can support him by sharing good memories. Try to remember where and when he was very good and fun. Such “walks into the past” will cause him a lot of positive emotions.

You can also praise a loved one, because we so often lack understanding and, more often, a good evaluation. Tell me how smart he is, handsome, talented, strong. Support your praise with real life examples (do they really exist in your memory?), Otherwise it will seem to a person that what you said is simple flattery.

Now go to action.Invite a friend or a loved one to his favorite concert, to your favorite club or cafe, order his favorite dishes or drinks. Do everything as you would like, not to you, but to him (this, of course, is not about categorical actions that contradict your desires).

A good option to cause positive emotions - a trip to nature. No matter how bad a person may be, the smell of greenery, bright colors and a clear sky pacify the soul. You can take him to the lake, the pond, to the beach: the water, of course, causes the most positive feelings. Communication with animals is also good for humans - play with the dog, feed the ducks or squirrels in the park.

If you do not have the opportunity to go out of town, buy different snacks and sweets, make yourself comfortable on the sofa with a person who is ill, and watch an exciting light film together, better melodrama with a happy ending or comedy. In addition, you can go shopping together, swim in the pool, go to a beauty salon: changes in appearance give a lot of positive energy.

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