How to call the operator "Motive": contact center number

If you have problems or questions related to mobile communication or the Internet, users have a fair question about how to call the operator "Motiv". There are several options for dialing into the contact center - they will be described below. In addition, customers of this organization should remember that you can find out the necessary information about your account, as well as perform a number of actions through an online service such as LISA. It will also be mentioned below.

how to call the motive operator

How to call the operator "Motive" with Sims, which they served?

For existing customers of the previously mentioned operator, a single short number is used to receive consultations in the contact center. Typing three sims with a sim card, you can talk with a support service employee and get long-awaited answers. You will not have to pay for the connection with this number - calls are made free of charge.It is important to consider that it is necessary to dial three units when the subscriber is in the territory that is served by the operator “Motive”. The Greater Urals means such areas as Kurgan, Sverdlovsk, as well as two autonomous regions - the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. When located in these regions of the country, the subscriber can easily dial the number of the operator “Motive” - 111. The call will be free.

operator number motive

Call the contact center from the number of any operator

However, it’s not always possible to call from the operator’s SIM card, what to do in this case? There is a separate number that can be used to dial a contact center from any region of the country from any number. Thus, it is possible to call “Motive” both from the mobile number of any operator in the country and from a landline phone, moreover, absolutely free of charge The number should be 8-800-240-00-00. A similar option should also be used for those who wish to call the support service employee from the SIM card of the Motiv operator from any region (except for areas related to the Big Urals).

Contact the call center from a landline

For some cities, the possibility of contacting the contact center by city number is available. As for the cost of such calls, then it should be checked with the telephone company that serves the particular customer’s landline phone.

mobile operator motive

For cities such as Yekaterinburg, Krasnoturinsk, Nizhny Tagil, etc., it is possible to contact the contact center from landline phones. More information about which number should be used in each particular case can be found on the official website of the operator.

For calls from other cities of the Big Urals, it is recommended to use the short service number - 111, if the call is made from the “Motive” number (mobile operator) and 8-800-240-00-00 - for free calls from other cities of the country (from any ).

How to call the operator "Motive" for free?

Many clients are interested in a similar question, because I don’t want to spend money on communication with the contact center operator. You can make a free call by dialing the number 111 from the Motive SIM card. Moreover, the subscriber should be at this moment in the territory of the Greater Urals (this is where the operator considered in the current article provides its services). If you are in other regions, you must use other numbers.

how to call the motive operator for free

Online Account Management Service (LISA)

Before you call the operator “Motiva”, it is recommended to use the personal Internet service of subscribers (LISA). With it, you can view the data of interest on your account, specify which services are activated, disable unnecessary options, view data on expenses, etc. Access to the LISA function is available on the official site of the operator “Motive”. The first time it will be necessary to register by assigning a password to access the personal page. Detailed instructions on how to do this are contained on the authorization data entry form. Just follow the “Registration” link and fill in the required information by the system. In the future, the input will be made using previously assigned data, which can be corrected at any time, if necessary. If you lose your password, you can easily restore it - just follow the instructions that are posted on the authorization page of the previously reviewed service.


In the current article, it was considered how to call the specialist of the subscriber consultation center and give the number of the “Motive” operator.For all questions related to mobile services, Internet and telephony, which the client cannot solve on their own, it is recommended to contact the support line. It should be borne in mind that calls to 111 and 8-800-240-00-00 numbers are not charged. And the cost of connecting with a specialist contact center on a direct (city) phone should be checked with the fixed service provider. For information about the sim card "Motive" should clarify the number, as well as the data of its owner.

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