How to break the phone?

How often do we buy exactly the things that wereally necessary? In the modern world, the purchase of a new mobile phone (smartphone) is no longer an urgent necessity, and some people buy a new model of the phone only because at the moment it is "fashionable".

But what if your new, "trendy" phonedid not meet your expectations? If you have time to be disappointed in this device before the expiry of the period of 14 days from the date of purchase, you can return it to the store and get your money back. But if 14 days have already passed, then it is necessary to go to some tricks. Some people come to the conclusion that it's best to return the phone under warranty and either get a new model or paid for the device money. Let's look at this option and find out how to break the phone so that it can be changed under warranty.

Ways to imperceptibly break the phone

There are many different tips regardingimperceptible breakage of the phone, but not all of these tips are effective, and some of them remove the warranty from the device. In order not to make mistakes, let's first learn about inefficient ways:

  • Drown the phone. A low-efficiency method, since many devices again function normally after they have completely dried out. In addition, on the metal parts of the body and on the plates themselves, characteristic traces of corrosion remain.
  • Mechanical damage. Immediately remove the warranty from the device. They are easy to identify, and they are evidence of careless handling of the device by the user.
  • Damage to the operating system and boot loader. Most manufacturers of smartphones and tablets deliberately restrict access to the bootloader and the ability to reinstall the device's OS. Disabling these restrictions (root and firmware) removes the warranty from the phone.

How can I break the phone so that it is not found? Let's look at really effective ways:

  • The simplest is to use a piezoelectric element,which can be obtained from a conventional lighter. Just remove the back cover of the phone and shock the open parts of the board. You can close the contacts of the SIM card receiver, beat into the headphone output, a flash card slot. After several blows, the device will stop functioning.
  • A more risky way is to connect a USB cable to the device and apply an electric shock to it.

The two methods listed above have the largestefficiency and practically do not leave traces. After using them, you can safely apply to a service center where you will be exchanged for a phone, or to a store in which, under the terms of the guarantee, you must return the money.

If the money was not returned, the servicethe center refuses to repair the device or you do not want to break it, but want to get rid of the phone, try to sell it. Article Where to sell the phone will help you find out how and where it can be done.

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