How to block the Internet?

Sam Gold
Sam Gold
June 19, 2014
How to block the Internet?

It is known that the Internet acts as an information repository, where anyone can find what they need. Sometimes it happens that Internet access needs to be restricted, for example, for your children. About this and talk.

How to block access to the Internet: ways

It should be noted that owners of the Windows operating system can use the built-in settings of the Internet firewall. The only disadvantage is that the system is too rigid and does not allow any flexibility in this setting. That is why many experts advise to use other programs for this purpose.

  • TMeter. This utility allows you to control the speed and availability of traffic in your home network. As a matter of fact, by installing TMeter, you can turn off the Internet from your main computer at any time. In addition, you can customize the list of specific network users to which the Internet will be available. This is a very useful office network tool.TMeter also uses effective NAT technology, which allows you to access the Internet from different computers using only one ip-address. Detailed instructions for the program is contained in its "Help".
  • NetPolice or "network police" (if translated from English). First of all, this tool has the ability to create a list of prohibited sites for a particular user. "Police" can block unnecessary messages from the Internet (when browsing websites) entering and accessing your ip-address. Also, NetPolice is a very useful program for those who want to automatically protect themselves from unwanted resources. An extensive list of "bad sites" will save you time, eliminating the need to create this list yourself. You can set your own password to access the Internet. Moreover, even a user with administrator rights (at the local level) cannot bypass this password. And finally, we note that NetPolice has the function of blocking independent access to the Internet of applications installed on the computer.
  • Traffic Inspector. This is perhaps the most powerful and convenient tool that tells you how to block the Internet.By the way, this product was created by Russian developers. The principle of the program - work with the restriction of various parameters of the Internet. You can put both full and partial ban on work on the Internet. You can choose the number and weight of files downloaded from the Internet. It is also possible to customize the special parameters of speed and type of Internet connection. Thus, Traffic Inspector can be considered the most flexible tool for restricting access to the network, which is its main advantage.

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