How to become a girl?

Indeed, an interesting topic of conversation. How to become a girl? Today we will comprehensively analyze all the ways how to become a girl, a girl, how to transform a guy into a girl and how to act as adult women if they decide to become girls again.

How to become a girl if you are a girl

At first glance, everything is obvious. What is the difference between a girl and a girl? By and large, the whole difference in age, 12 years - a girl, 19 - a girl.

The easiest way for a girl to become a girl. All that is needed is to simply grow up; with age, any girl develops and turns into a girl. And it happens as follows.

The girl's appearance changes, body height increases, and her features begin to change. In the early period of puberty, there are many angular features in the girl's body, but over time they are rounded, thereby the girl's body gradually turns into the girl's body. The figure becomes feminine and soft in outlines. In the period of transformation of the girl into a girl, the mammary glands begin to grow actively, hair growth appears in the armpits and pubis.An important point can be considered the appearance of the first menstruation - monthly blood discharge from the vagina. Do not be afraid of this, because everything that happens with the girl's body during puberty naturally, it is laid by nature.

These changes are new for the girl, she is no longer a girl, but she is not able to completely perceive herself as a full-fledged girl. During this period, the girl needs the help of her mother, who will competently explain to her daughter what is happening to her and why, what it leads to and what needs to be done. Therefore, if this article is read by mom, be sure to pay attention to it, and if a girl, then go up to mom and ask her to tell you about puberty, she will help you.

In addition to physical changes, the girl's psychology is changing. She begins to be interested in boys not only as friends and acquaintances, she has a romantic mood, a desire to meet a guy. The girl begins to be actively interested in their appearance and ways to improve it. This also helps mom will not be superfluous.

So the girl gradually turns into a girl, so do not hurry, you will turn into a girl with time and the way it is needed.

How to become a girl if you are a guy

Sex change is quite popular in our time. So, many guys want to be girls.

How can a guy become a girl? If you really decided to do this, seek the help of specialist doctors. There are a number of operations to turn guys into girls, operations have long been safe and quite real financially. Plastic surgery and numerous. You need to be prepared for them both financially and psychologically, it will take a long time to turn from a guy into a girl.

Another option is to become a transvestite. All you need is to learn how to do makeup and dress like a girl. It is also a good idea to learn how to move like a girl - poses, movements, gestures and facial expressions should be "feminine." Make up, dress, put on a wig, and you will be very similar to the girl.

How to become a girl again

This issue is interested in women who want to restore their virginity. There are two main ways to restore the hymen: stitching it or restoring it through the tissues entering the vagina.

In the first case, the operation is fast, but the result will continue for 2-2.5 weeks.

The second option is more complicated and more expensive, but also more efficient: in fact, the tissue of the virgin membrane is created from the mucous membrane of the entrance to the vagina. This method is called three-layer hymenoplasty.

There are contraindications, but they are not significant, the operation is plastic. You will have to pass the test for intolerance to anesthesia, nothing more. But it is better to be examined by a gynecologist and bring his results directly to the clinic where you plan to restore your integrity - you never know, jokes are bad with health, perhaps you just can not do such operations.

Now we know all the ways how to become a girl.

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