How to assemble a box?

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How to assemble a box?

If you decide to build a subwoofer with your own hands, then first you need to make a box for it. The size of the box depends on where the subwoofer will be installed, as well as on the speaker parameters. The article provides detailed instructions that will help you figure out how to assemble a box for a subwoofer.


For the manufacture of boxes may need:

  • plywood sheet;
  • wood screws;
  • bars of wood of different sections (from 20x20mm and more);
  • glue (preferably Moment);
  • sealant;
  • sound-absorbing material (felt or hard foam);
  • paint.

You must also ensure the availability of the following tools:

  • wood hacksaws;
  • electric drills;
  • jigsaw;
  • chisels;
  • file;
  • compasses, pencils, rulers;
  • screwdriver;
  • sandpaper.


Assemble the box for the subwoofer as follows:

  1. First you need to decide on the size of the box. This can be done using the WinISD 0 program, which must be downloaded from the site and installed on a PC. Then you need to make the parameters of your dynamics, and the program itself will calculate the size of the box.
  2. Pencil the obtained data on the prepared sheet of plywood.BoxThus, the contours of the future box will be obtained.
  3. Cut the plywood on the planned lines using an electric jigsaw. In this case, it is necessary to do everything slowly, so that the plywood does not stratify, which will subsequently affect the sound quality.
  4. We process the edges with sandpaper and a file to give them perfect smoothness.
  5. Since the walls of the subwoofer are attached with bars, you need to measure and cut the required length of the bars.
  6. We start making holes for the speaker. To do this, using a compass, you must draw a circle, which will be a few millimeters larger than the diameter of the speaker. If you want to make another smaller speaker, then you need to cut a second circle, at a distance of 10 mm from the first. We process the holes with a file and skins.
  7. In the same way, the holes for phase inverters are
  8. After all the circles are cut, proceed to the assembly box. We take the drill and insert it into the drill, the diameter of the drill should be two times smaller than the diameter of the screws. We make holes in those places where the walls will be attached to each other and parallel bars.
  9. Next, we process the joints with glue, which, on the one hand, will be able to increase the strength of the body, and on the other hand, will make the joints airtight.
  10. Fix the walls of the box with screws, while the corners should be smooth.
  11. If you want to make a box for a subwoofer, do not forget about its sound insulation. To do this, the inside of the box must be covered with sound-absorbing material, for example, felt or rigid foam.
  12. We fix the speakers and all the internal elements of the subwoofer and fasten the back wall.
  13. In order to make the box individual, it can be wrapped with a cloth or painted in the desired color.

After you collect the box, you can proceed to the collection of its main elements.

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