How to abandon the child?

It is regrettable, but in life there are situations when parents are forced to issue a refusal to their children. Statistics show that children are most often refused immediately after their birth. Causes of failure are usually severe congenital diseases or deformities in children, the young age of the mother, the difficult financial situation. It is very difficult to make a decision about abandoning your own child, but if it is still accepted, then ask us how to abandon the child and get acquainted with the legal side of this issue.

Keep in mind that in the modern family code there is no article that allows you to issue a waiver of a child. But the state provides an opportunity for parents to abandon the child according to their application. However, parents should understand that abandoning a child does not mean abandoning participation in his upbringing and material content.

How can I abandon the child

If for any reason a woman does not want to take her newborn baby home, while still in the hospital, she should write a statement.Based on this application, information about the child is transmitted to the guardianship authorities, which place the baby in the baby house.

Within six months, the mother retains her parental rights in relation to the child. If after this time it does not change its decision, then the child may be transferred for adoption or upbringing into the caregiver’s family.

If the mother refuses her newborn child, the husband, grandparents and other relatives have the right to pick up the child and arrange custody for him.

How to father to abandon the child

If the father wants to abandon his child, then he must initially apply to any notary office. The notary will help him write an application on the rejection of the child on the appropriate form and will assure him. After that, the father submits this application to the court in civil cases. The court session is held with the mandatory participation of the prosecutor. Thus, the father can abandon the child only on the basis of a court decision.

Some men refuse children, not wanting to pay alimony for their maintenance. However, even if the court decides on depriving the father of parental rights, it will not release him from the obligations regarding the material maintenance of the child, i.e. from the payment of alimony on it.A child’s biological father, even if he has refused it, can be released from alimony only if the child is adopted by another person.

If a man is sure that he is not the biological father of the child, then he should apply to the court in civil cases with a claim to contest paternity. In this case, the man should not be wondering how the father should abandon the child, but undergo a genetic examination. The results of this examination allow establishing paternity with an accuracy of 99.9% or excluding it.

If the DNA test reveals that the man is not the biological father of the child, his paternity record on the birth certificate will be canceled. Naturally, in this case, there will be no material obligations between the child and this man.

How to abandon a child if he was adopted

In accordance with the Family Code, adoptive parents and parents have the same rights and the same duties. That is, in order to issue a waiver of an adopted child, parents must contact the notary to write the application, and then to the court. At the same time, the adoptive parents should not forget that even if the court decides to cancel the adoption, it will not release them from the obligation to pay child support.The court session is held with the mandatory participation of representatives of the guardianship and trusteeship, as well as the prosecutor.

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