How rises in men?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
January 27, 2015
How rises in men?

Everyone knows that for sex you need to have a man's dick standing, but what exactly happens to his body at this moment? Why do men have a dick?

During sexual arousal, the blood of the male genital organs rises. The cavernous bodies that make up the penis swell, and the penis increases in size and "rises." This condition is called an erection. With an erection, the penis increases about three times, it turns red and becomes hot. It becomes firm and elastic, it can be inserted into the vagina and carry out sexual intercourse.

How men get up depends on their physiological and psychological state.

With regard to physiology, a healthy lifestyle, the absence of diseases of the sexual sphere, good physical shape - these factors affect erection, make it better and longer.

No less important is psychology. Memories of a woman, the reaction to her smell, appearance, sensory sensations are perceived by the man’s brain and contribute to additional stimulation of the penis.

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