How do I create a site template?

Every novice web developer to createfirst of all, you need to learn the basics of the HTML markup language and the CSS stylesheet. It is through these two markup languages ​​that you can successfully "build" a site template.

General concepts of web design

Before creating a site template, wewe recommend to start by briefly studying what is meant by the term "site template". This is a collection of pages that are rendered in HTML and PHP, using graphical and service files. All of them can be used to build a standard site of any orientation. All site templates, as a rule, should consist of graphic files, while the most common formats are PNG, JPEG, GIF, they should be placed in a separate folder.

The most important goal in the task: how to create a template for a site is considered the desire of webmasters to greatly simplify the process of creating much more similar type resources. For example, a specific site template can be used later to create other sites. For this case, a template with a fairly neutral design should be used, which will not be relevant to a particular topic. In such situations, the design of the template will remain unchanged, while for different sites will replace the color, images and content of the pages.

Qualitative site templates, as a rule, shouldDeveloped by professional designers, html and php-typesetters. These templates are first prepared for use in html-editors. They are designed for novice webmasters, so they can serve as basic samples for creating websites. Finding the templates for websites on the Internet is not difficult. The number of resources that offer free or paid site templates today is continuously growing, while the design of these templates is diverse and can satisfy many webmasters.

Using templates

Web templates can be used by any person oran organization whose purpose is to create their own website. After the template has already been purchased or downloaded, the owner will be able to completely replace the information in it with his own.

What do those users who needsite, but the funds for professional services of web designers and developers categorically not enough? Here, we recommend that you contact free online designers. They will help to create a site for a template for free. The most qualitative and popular is the resource:, which will allow you to create a template for an online site without the help of web developers. Before you create a website for a template for free, it will be enough to represent exactly how you want to place the information and which interface of web pages for your site will be most acceptable. Typically, such online designers have a clear interface, which allows you to quickly edit the template.

About creating a template for the Ucoz website

Many taking a domain for a site in Ucoz are faced withproblem of creating a website. Especially it is difficult to do in the event that it is necessary to change the standard interface of web pages to a more original one. However, how can I create a template for the Ucoz site without knowing CSS, HTML and other things.

Instructions for creating a template for the Ucoz website

  1. The standard ucoz pattern looks like this.
  2. Next, you can find a free beautiful CSS template on the Internet. Today there are many resources where these templates can be jnscrfnm free. Here are some of them:
    • etc.
  3. After you have chosen the template that you like most? read the detailed instructions on what to do next. You can see this in the following pictures:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Website creation

  1. Go to the site's admin area, namely to the "Page Editor", which is the file manager. There you will need to fill in the entire archive, which was downloaded by you in the appropriate order.
  2. After that you will need to open the zip-archive withtemplate files. There you will find an index file. Click on it. Before your eyes, you will open a template. Right-click on this template and select the source code for the page. After that, copy the entire contents of the page (Ctrl + C).
  3. A few hours you will need to clear all the links in this code, replace them with your own and insert your content.
  4. After that you will need to check the operation of the site in all browsers.

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