How do I connect speakers to a TV?

The technological process does not stand still, butlife dictates its conditions, and in practice it often happens that the consumer does not like the power or quality of the sound reproduced by the TV. Connecting additional speakers or speakers is the best way out of this situation. When connecting speakers very often have to use adapters, receivers, special adapters and wires, music centers and amplifiers. Correctly determine the option of how to connect speakers to the TV will help the following options.

Connecting via an autonomous stereo system

The amplifier of this system is specially adaptedto work with powerful speakers and the sound it reproduces will be almost perfect. Built-in subwoofer autonomous quality amplifier distributes the sound evenly on the speakers, taking into account the number of them connected (from 3 to 7 pieces). The system itself is connected in the same way as the music center. In those cases where the stereo system has an additional wide SCART connector equipped with two lines of contacts inside, SCART-TRS or SCART-RCA adapters are used to connect to the TV. This is convenient if your TV is equipped with only SCART connectors. Very often it is possible to connect the speakers to the TV lg using the optical audio output (digitally) or via SCART (in the analog version).

Connecting through a music center (tape recorder)

Playing sound through musiccenter or tape recorder is much better than playing TV or budget computer speakers. A connection of the TV with these devices is carried out using the above-described adapters. And TRS is a 3.5 mm jack, and the RCA output has a slightly curved appearance, because of what "in the people" is called "bell". After finding the corresponding outputs on the TV and the tape recorder, connect them with a specially designed wire for this purpose.

Connecting the speakers from the computer

Most often low-quality or insufficientsound TVs are required to the standard speakers of the model, despite the fact that the sound processor itself is quite good at processing the sound track. Connecting to the TV speakers from the computer can easily solve this problem. They are equipped with a 3.5 mm jack, near which there is a headphone icon, but better sound quality can be expected only if the built-in amplifier is integrated in the speakers. You can be 100 per cent sure that the speakers have an amplifier, if they are included in the network voltage of 220 watts, and the sound level is adjusted directly on the speakers themselves.

Connection via a composite stereo.

The advantage of this type of speaker connection isTV is that with a composite stereo system, you can connect speakers of any power. This system, is a tandem receiver and amplifier, and it connects one of the above methods, allowing you to expand the possibilities of its use. Connect the speakers to your samsung TV best via the AV receiver (amplifier). In this case, passive speakers are used. With the help of various cables, active speakers are connected directly to the TV.

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