How can I restore my bookmarks?

First, let's look at howRestore bookmarks in Mozilla (Mozilla Firefox is a very popular web browser). You need to open the browser and find the submenu "Bookmarks". Select the "Show all bookmarks" sub-item with the left mouse button and click on it. The same effect will occur if you press "Ctrl + Shift + B" in the open browser. A new "Library" window will appear on the monitor, which has the necessary tools for working with bookmarks.

If you suddenly need to completely update allexisting bookmarks in the browser to the saved ones, then go to the submenu item "Import and backup". And it is located at the top of the new window and includes the sub-items:

  • Import from HTML;
  • Export to HTML;
  • Backup;
  • Reestablish.

You need to select the menu item"Restore", next open the window to the right, here are the options for choosing: how to restore bookmarks from a file or restore from the browser's bookmarks archive. In the first case, it is meant that the user keeps a backup of their bookmarks in the JSON format. Suddenly there is no such thing, then we will have to choose the second option, here the preference should be given to the nearest date in the archive. Automatic backup saving of bookmarks, by default done by the program daily.

You can restore deleted bookmarks to othersway. Select the desired item (or specify the path to the file with the saved copy), and then confirm your desire to replace existing bookmarks (the phrase "All your current bookmarks will be replaced with bookmarks from the saved copy" will be displayed on the screen). After the end of the procedure, you can see the bookmarks from the saved copy in your previous places, and their form can be determined by repeating the action of the first step.

As an option to restore bookmarks, you canApply the import from the HTML file (the menu "Import and Backup", the submenu "Import from HTML"). Here you need to make saving of bookmarks in HTML format beforehand, by importing the file into the place that is accessible to you. If necessary, restore deleted bookmarks through it. But this is only possible with an existing file and will not work for sudden failures.

Restore the bookmarks bar

  • In the Opera browser in order to restorethe bookmarks bar, open the menu by pressing the Alt key. Or you can click on the stylized Opera symbol. Open the "Toolbars" menu and press the "G" key or the "Bookmarks bar". The necessary element of the browser's bookmarks in this action will be in its place, more precisely under the address line.
  • Internet Explorer Internet Explorer "Panelsbookmarks "does not have, but there is a" Favorites Panel ". To return it, you have to right-click on the window title and select "Favorites Bar" in the sub-menu. The same item is also in the "Panels" menu, in the "View" section - you can use this method.
  • In Google Chrome, you can use this panel toonly to disable, but to restore it you can use hot keys - a combination of keys "Ctrl + Shift + B". In the menu opened by clicking on the wrench image, there is also this function. To use it, go to the "Bookmarks" section and select the line "Always show the bookmarks bar".
  • Mozilla Firefox is very similar to the InternetExplorer ways to enable the display of the "Bookmarks bar". Here, right-clicking on the name of the window brings up a shortcut menu with the required command - select the "Bookmarks bar" here. And the analog of this line is located in the same section of the menu, as in Internet Explorer - "View". Open it, go to the submenu of the "Toolbar" and click the "Bookmarks bar".
  • In Apple Safari browser, press "Alt", forthe appearance of a line with sections of the menu, and click on the inscription "View". The item you need here is called "Show bookmarks bar" - click on it and the panel will appear.

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