How and where to get a warrant for earthworks?

For excavation work in the territoryurban settlement (on alleys, streets, sidewalks, roads, in green areas, etc.) it is necessary to obtain a warrant from local authorities. Such a requirement is stipulated by the need to prevent damage to the elements of improvement, engineering networks. The established procedure for granting permits is aimed at creating proper operating conditions for facilities, preventing traffic accidents. Let us consider what isexcavation work order. Sampledocument will also be presented in the article.excavation warrant

general characteristics

The warrant for excavation works in Moscow,as well as in any other city of the country is a form of a unified form. It is filled before the immediate implementation of the activities.Warrant Orderprovides the performer with the right to beginnecessary procedures in accordance with project documents. The registration of the permit, as well as the monitoring of the implementation of the planned measures are entrusted to the territorial administration of the housing and communal services. Legislation prohibits work without a warrant.

Terms and Conditions

Obtaining an excavation order- Legally established procedure,providing for the presentation of certain documents. Collection of necessary papers is performed by the executor. The main documents on the basis of whichopening of an excavation order, are:

  1. Written statement. It is composed by the executor. The application shall indicate the type and timing of the activities.
  2. Copies of the passport of the entity responsible for carrying out the work, and an order for its appointment.

New construction / reconstruction / overhaul of buildings

Execution of an excavation orderin the specified cases is carried out at presentation of the following documents:

  1. Project documentation. In its composition there should be plans for the organization of a construction site, engineering communications, improvement.
  2. The traffic scheme, coordinated with the territorial division of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, for closing or restricting traffic for the duration of the work, if they are carried out on the road.
  3. Schedule of activities. At the same time, the period of full restoration of the road surface, green spaces and other elements of improvement, which are violated in connection with the performed activities, should be indicated. The schedule is approved by the contractor and the customer.excavation order

These documents are attached to the main securities listed above. Similar information is provided ifexcavation warrantis issued for the arrangement of public gardens and parks.

Additional papers

In addition to the above documents, the authorized authority requests:

  1. Permission for construction or reconstruction.
  2. Right-establishing documentation for the site. This may be a lease agreement, a certificate of state registration of property rights.
  3. Notification of the transfer of the premises to the category of residential / non-residential, if necessary.
  4. Decree of the administration on the closure of traffic on the roads. It appears, if excavation works are carried out in an open way.
  5. Planning layout of the site, agreed with the chief architect of the city.

Installation of advertising structures

Warrant Orderin this case it is submitted upon presentationbasic documents, as well as copies of the on-call plan of the urban area. It shows the location of the structure. As in the previous case, the performer submits an approved schedule of activities with information on the deadlines for the completion of the restoration of disturbed objects. In addition, the following documents are requested:

  1. Permission for installation and subsequent operation of the structure.
  2. Title documents on the site.opening of an excavation order

Capital and current repair of utilities

To obtainwarrant for excavation,you must provide the following:

  1. Executive survey of networks. It should indicate the place where the work will be performed.
  2. The scheme of organization of closure or restriction of traffic, agreed with the traffic police.
  3. Schedule of measures for the complete restoration of disturbed objects.

Additionally presented are:

  1. Permission to lay utility networks.
  2. Decree of the administration on the closure of traffic on the roads.
  3. Title documents on the site.
  4. Planning layout of the territory, agreed with the chief architect.

Emergency order for excavation works

Permission to perform restoration activities on the engineering network sites is provided upon presentation of the main documentation. And:

  1. Executive survey of networks. It should indicate the place of work.
  2. Title documents on the site.
  3. The scheme coordinated with the traffic police, and the decree of the head of administration on the closure of traffic on the roads.
  4. Schedule of measures for the restoration of disturbed elements of improvement.

When liquidating accidents at water supply,sewage networks and in other utilities are allowed to perform works without delay. However, in this case, the object's balance holder, housing and communal services management should be notified of them. The notice indicates the exact location of the works, their nature. During the next two days, the contractor must send an application for authorization.issuance of a warrant for the excavation work

Obtaining a warrant for excavation work

Consideration of submitted documentsis carried out by the authorized body within three days. At the end of this period, a decision is made. If the applicant is denied, he is notified. The notice provides the reasons for which a negative decision was taken. If the authorized body has no claims to the submitted documents,extraditionwarrants for the production of excavations.

Important point

Warrant for earthworksis kept by the person appointed by the responsible person.for the implementation of activities. The permit must be presented at the request of persons who have the right to control the activities of the performer, the state of the elements of improvement and other infrastructural facilities. Activities that are carried out without a warrant must be immediately terminated.


An excavation warrant is provided for 30days. The permit can be extended. To do this, the contractor sends a written application, which explains the reasons for which there was a corresponding need. The request is submitted no later than three days before the expiration of the previous document. After the end of the established period, the warrant loses its validity. Accordingly, an overdue document can not be used as a basis for the implementation of planned activities. The production of work with expired warrant is regarded as unauthorized execution thereof. The extension of the permit in this case is allowed only after all the guilty persons are brought to administrative responsibility. The term of the warrant for the performance of emergency repair work in buildings and utilities is not allowed to be increased. receipt of an excavation order

Procedural issue

To extend the order, you must submit the following documents to the administration or territorial administration of housing and communal services:

  1. A permit issued earlier.
  2. Schedule of activities.

These papers are submitted personally by the applicant. Upon the expiry of the validity of the documentation submitted earlier, the responsible person is obliged to extend them and present them when the application is submitted. It is, in particular, the power of attorney, the contract of work, etc.

Obligations of the performer

Prior to the commencement of activities, the entity must:

  1. Coordinate the scheme of work with the territorial division of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.
  2. To set up fences, traffic signs, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles during the day.
  3. In the night and evening time, indicate the area with light signals of red color.
  4. Call representatives of enterprises that have communication networks underground.

On the fences hang signs withname of the organization performing the activities. If the work affects the schedule or routes of public transport, the contractor must inform the public about it through the media. Installation of road signs, fences, creation of temporary relocations and transitions is carried out by the means and forces of the organization performing the activities. At the same time, the performer is guided by the approved schemes for their placement. Deviation from them in the process of production is not allowed. The executor can start implementing the measures only after the entire site has been completely equipped with all necessary fences, signs and signaling means. Personnel involved in the production of work must wear overalls and PPE in accordance with the type of activity and the conditions for its implementation.earthwork emergency order

Special rules

During excavation of trenches / trenchesit is forbidden to store ground on the roadway. All materials should be placed within the boundaries of the fenced area. The soil, which is unsuitable for backfilling, is exported as the work progresses. In the process of eliminating damages to heat, sewerage, water supply networks, it is prohibited to pump water to the carriageway, the territory of sidewalks and other places from where it can enter the road surface. It is forbidden to fill the wells of underground structures with building materials and soil. They should be provided with unimpeded access at any time. Filling of trenches and trenches in areas with advanced coating is carried out, in accordance with the standards, with careful packing.

Restoration of elements of improvement

It is carried out by a diggerby its means and forces, or by agreement with the object's balance holder. In the latter case, the advance payment is transferred to the settlement account in the amount of replacement cost. The amount of damage caused to the object of improvement is established by the balance-holder. In doing so, he is guided by the Method for determining replacement cost. If the entity that damaged or destroyed the object of improvement is not established, the necessary measures are carried out at the expense of the owner's funds.excavation warrant

Responsibility of the performer

Organization of maintenance, repair and otherworks should be carried out in accordance with project design documents and other securities. In the process of activity, performers, among other things, are guided by state standards. For subjects, an administrative penalty is imposed in the event of:

  1. Earthworks in the absence of a warrant.
  2. Overlapping the roadway without agreement with the territorial division of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.
  3. Failure to comply with the deadlines for the production of earthworks and restoration measures to eliminate damage caused to elements and objects of improvement.
  4. Failure to comply with the established sanitary and epidemiological rules on the site.
  5. Non-compliance with the terms of the warrant for the restoration and improvement of damaged surfaces.

The perpetrators guilty of violations are brought to justice, depending on the seriousness of the offense. Legislation also provides for disciplinary and criminal penalties for such persons.

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