How and how to wash red wine with white and colored fabric

The biggest trouble with wine stains is that they appear at the wrong time: at a party, in an environment with disabilities, when it is difficult to put clothes in order in a careful manner. To deliver the product to the dry cleaning means additional expenses, organizational efforts and the possibility of damage to the item. Knowledge of how to wash red wine at home, using available means, will be useful to everyone. We will tell about it in detail in our article.

Red wine how to wash


What you need to know about removing stains:

  1. Stain removers are selected taking into account the type of fabric so as not to damage the product during cleaning.
  2. If bleach is present in the product, it is better to discard it if you need to remove the stain from brightly colored fabric.
  3. If possible, the effect of bleach should first be tested on a small area.
  4. When removing stains under the product, it is necessary to place a napkin so that food contamination does not shade.
  5. Drugstores are always ready to offer a list of inexpensive simple long-term storage products containing glycerin, alcohol, organic acids, which can be purchased for future use at home.

Simple ways

The success of removing red wine stains depends on the volume of liquid absorbed by the fabric, the speed of the measures taken to cleanse, the quality of the drink (the higher it is, the harder it is to wash). To begin with, it is recommended to blot out spilled wine with a paper towel or napkin.

Red wine stainWe offer instructions on how to use salt to remove stains from red wine:

  • Prepare salt, napkins, container for liquid.
  • With the help of water, turn the salt into a mushy consistency.
  • Apply the mixture to the stain, rub with gentle movements.
  • As a rule, the method gives an effective result that needs to be repeated if necessary.
  • When the salt absorbs the liquid, it (salt) must be immediately removed with a cloth.

Lemon against alcohol on clothes:

  • Squeeze the juice of half a lemon, cover the stain with powder. This tool perfectly fights with a variety of pollution.
  • To improve the result, before you finally remove red wine,need to rinse the cloth in cool water with ammonia (1 liter per 1 tsp.). Then - to carry out usual washing in the sparing way.

Before washing the red wine from the shirt, if a large amount of the drink gets onto the fabric, it is advisable to test the ammonia solution (2 spoons per 3 liters of water), which should be added to the total amount of wash water at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees.

Tablecloth, delicate cover

When the tablecloth is filled with wine, it is not easy to remove the table setting in the presence of guests and do the removal of stains. In such a situation, vinegar half diluted with water will be a good way.

How to remove the stain of red wineA solution of citric acid of enhanced concentration (2 tsp per 200 ml) is the second of the recommended methods for quick cleaning of the tablecloth.

Hydrogen peroxide, flowing in a polluted area, will also effectively separate food contamination from tissue fibers.

To clean the wallpaper, it is desirable to use ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid solution with soda: one of the proposed means to moisten the surface, rinse with water and dry with a napkin.

Colored items: stain removal

Instructions on how to wash red wine from colored fabrics:

  • Mix eggs yolk with pharmacy glycerin 1: 1, without wetting the tissue, apply to the contaminated place, wait a couple of hours, rinse, wash in the car in a gentle manner.
  • Before you wash out a fresh spot from red wine, you need to stretch the product with the help of another person and send a thin stream of boiling water to it until the pollution is completely dissolved.
  • Prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide with liquid ammonia (1: 1), dilute with a glass of water, moisten the stain, wait 5 minutes, conduct a delicate wash.

Special-purpose chemicals have also not been canceled. "Vanish" - this is what can wipe red wine from colored fabrics, if previous methods have proved to be powerless, as well as to remove old stains.

How to wash red wine from whiteIn the presence of sodium hydrosulfite in the house, you should use it, causing a few drops on the stain of wine, stand for a couple of minutes, then sprinkle with hydrogen peroxide, wipe with vinegar, and then wash.

Lovers of chemical experiments will use the sulfur method, for which a cardboard funnel should be made and the specified substance should be ignited. Contaminated product must first be washed with soap and hang onthe rope. The effect of fumes on the fabric will help to whiten it without much hassle.

White things: homemade stain removal

We offer a way to wash red wine at home with light-colored fabrics:

  • It is necessary to sprinkle the place of contamination with salt, sprinkle it with lemon juice or acid solution (0.5 tsp. Per 20 ml of water), set aside for a few minutes, wash by hand.
  • Saturate the product with a gruel of soda, delaying the usual washing for 10 minutes.
  • Water with vinegar (2 tablespoons of vinegar per 1 liter): the tone of the product will not brighten, but on the contrary, will become brighter, and food particles will dissolve under the influence of vinegar.

How to wash red wine at home

Chemicals for white

Before washing red wine from white products with the help of oxygen bleach, stain remover, their primary processing is recommended, otherwise the thing will lose its original appearance.

Chemical agents for light-colored fabrics without pattern:

  • Whitening soap that removes stains.
  • Washing soap.
  • Gel for dishes or washing powder mixed with hydrogen peroxide (1: 2), pour the fabric for 30 minutes, check the result.
  • Apply a chlorine-containing gel like Domestos: put a drop on a sponge, moisten it in running water, clean the stain.

Types of fabrics

How to wash red wine according to the type of fabric:

  • Chiffon.For a multi-colored fabric, a mixture of yolk with glycerin, described above, is suitable, which should be left for a couple of hours, washed in soap and then in powder.
  • Silk, wool. The stain can be moistened with a solution of alcohol and glycerin (a spoon), set aside for 3 hours, then wash.
  • Cotton. You can use dairy products, which pour spots, leave for an hour, then wash in the usual way.
  • Synthetics. For it is suitable hydrogen peroxide (1 spoon per 200 ml), which you want to handle the pollution, then wash in the usual way.
  • Fabrics of high density are recommended to be cleaned with boiling water, adding a pinch of citric acid for greater effect.
  • Bright fabric. Spots on it will be well cleaned with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, in which soak the thing for 10 minutes, wipe it off, and then pour it with hydrogen peroxide solution and wash it in the usual way.

In a cafe or restaurant

If the trouble occurred in a cafe, and an expensive outfit was spoiled by red wine, you can use an extraordinary way - order a glass of white with which to treat the stain. For more effective cleansing, it is necessary to strengthen its effect with mineral water, for example, in the ladies' room.

This method of purification offered the Spaniards, calling it "wedge wedge knock out."As a result of the gradual removal of stains, it will be much easier to wipe things off at home.

How to wash red wine with colored fabric

Carpet products

We offer several ways to remove the stain of red wine that has infiltrated the carpet:

  • Blot the remnants of wine from the surface of the product, sprinkle with salt, then treat the stain from the edges to the center with a vacuum cleaner. Then, treat this place with a warm solution consisting of water, dishware and vinegar (400 ml: 1 spoon: 1 spoon), soaking a piece of cloth with it. After the shred will take on a red hue, work dry shred. Such actions are repeated several times.
  • Soap and peroxide: Melt the rubbed soap in a water bath (30 g), add hydrogen peroxide (5 ml) to the solution, which is sufficient for a medium-sized polluted area. Moisten the stain by spraying the liquid on top of it, wait about 10 minutes, then use a dry shred of fabric to absorb the trace of wine. In conclusion, it is good to moisten the area with cold water, press down with a heavy object with a towel so that all the dirt is absorbed into it, vacuum it.
  • Soda: after the excess alcohol drink is absorbed into the napkins, make a soda solution (30 g per 100 ml), soak the carpet in the mixture and let it dry. Clean the carpet in a dry form with a vacuum cleaner.If the contours of the stain remain, it should be further treated with a chemical stain remover.
  • Salt and white wine: soak up the excess red drink with a napkin, pour a little white wine on top of it, reassemble the liquid with a cloth, sprinkle the moist area with salt, leave it for 10 minutes, cover with an additional layer of salt and leave to dry during the day. The described method in most cases gives a full guarantee of success.

How to get the best effect in the chemical treatment of wine stains

Chemicals designed to cleanse food stains will work better if you pre-treat stains with home remedies: potassium permanganate, peroxide, vinegar. If the special cleaning composition is not at hand, it is recommended to mix detergent, dish detergent and baking soda equally for the initial treatment of contamination.

What can wash red wine

Use chemical stain remover follows the instructions. As a rule, the algorithm of actions includes the preliminary application of a small amount of the product to the stain of wine. After that, the product must be washed in a solution with the addition of a chemical, the dosage of which is not recommended to be exceeded.At the final stage it is worth using an air conditioner or softener for rinsing, which will increase the density of the product and reduce the risk of damage.

When you do not need to remove stains yourself

Methods of purification products from wine a lot. Unfortunately, in some cases they are not very effective, therefore it is better to entrust the dirty thing to specialists. Red wine stains are difficult to clean in such cases:

  • The product is made of suede or fur.
  • In the fabric colors involved several shades.
  • Chronic stains, since the appearance of which more than 5 hours have passed. With the use of stain removers, the allowable contamination time is about 10 hours.
  • Stains from red wine should not be washed in hot water.

We hope that our advice has helped you learn how to remove the stain of red wine on different types of fabric.If such a nuisance happens, you should not panic, but quickly begin to eliminate the stain with available improvised means. The successful result will largely depend on this.

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