Grape Marquette: description, reviews

Vintage wines are distinguished by their quality,exquisite aroma and leave a pleasant aftertaste. In addition to the correct technology of preparation, the properties of a spirit drink depend directly on the grape variety from which it was obtained. For this reason, winemakers are seriously interested in new achievements of breeders. A perspective variety in this respect is the Marquette grapes. Therefore, it is worth considering a new kind of winery culture.


Marquette grape variety has deep roots. His last "parents" are Rava 262 and a complex hybrid of MS 1094. Cultures were crossed in 1989, and seedlings were selected in 1994. The appearance of a new variety occurred at the University of Minnesota, in the United States. At home, he was appreciated, and the wines obtained from him were successfully tasted. In Russia, cultivated for about 10 years and many winemakers this brand is not yet familiar. It is worth noting that the grape variety of Marquette has a great potential, and at one time it will open. It is assumed that he will push back already tested varieties, and will occupy a leading position among winemakers.

grapes "Marquett"

External description of the Marquette grape

A complex grape variety does not shine with its beauty,Since its deduction was pursued by technical goals. But since the grape culture itself is attractive, it looks great on the plot of land.

One of the interesting features of grapes, thisthe fact that it grows vertically. Such an idea of ​​breeders enables the sun to do its work. Direct hit of light not only affects the quality and taste of berries, but also positively affects their color. The clusters are not scattered and are somewhat hidden behind the foliage.

Brushes of medium size have the canonical form. Dark berries with a protective coating tightly fit their base. Their color is very rich, blue or black-violet. The berries are round, and in general the bunch looks like ordinary wine grapes. Confirmation of this can be seen in the photo of the Marquette grapes, which are attached to the article.

grape variety "Marquett"

Value of fruit

One brush of technical grapes can reachin weight 300-400 g. Berries are famous for their high sugar content and good acidity. To save these properties, it is important to harvest in time. But if the fee is a little overdue - it's not scary. The level of indicators will drop slightly. Marquette grape berries contain the following indicators: acidity - 2.9%; sugar storage up to 30%. Near it, less sweet varieties of grapes can get along.

Main advantages of the variety

Marquette grape inThat it is resistant to extreme winter swings. The unvoiced variety survives at -38C. It is advantageous to grow it in those regions where the weather presents "surprises". A new variety opens the possibility for its cultivation in the northern part of the country.

Culture has an excellent immunity to diseases,in particular to fungi. Problems such as oidium, mildew and a black leg of grapes are practically not "troubling". Lesions of the phylloxera were very rare. The plant tolerates chemical preparations well.

The structure of the bush with vertical shoots facilitates the work of the vine-grower.

Marquette grapes are considered to be a hybrid of a medium-sized variety.

grapes "Marquett" description

Disadvantages of the variety

In contrast to its survival in severewinter conditions grape bush prone to spring death. For young frost shoots minus 3 already represents a danger. In addition, the damage can cause a cereal cold rain.

Because of the shape of the bush, the grapes become morevulnerable. The vertical arrangement of the shoots leaves access to the fruit buds for the impact of negative climatic conditions, while those appear too early.


Grape Marquette prefers loamy andsandy soils. Pay attention to the depth of the groundwater. It is necessary that their depth is 2.5 meters, and the landing pit is 70-80 cm.

At the bottom of the pit lay a layer of humus. Plant grapes in such a way that its basal part remains on the surface. Only the root is digging into the earth. Then grapes are poured and a peg is placed next to it, to which unstable shoots are attached.

If the soil does not meet the requirements of the plant, then the creation of drainage is the most optimal option for planting grapes.

grapes "Marquette" description of the variety

Care of grapes

Care and prevention of disease is important to ensure a good harvest. The following recommendations will help achieve this goal:

  • In the description of the grape variety of Marquette,that on its vertical shoots the kidneys are open to sunlight, so choosing the right place is an important factor for planting a crop. Since grapes are demanding for light and heat, the site should be open, but at the same time protected from spring rains. For example, you can plant a row of grapes along the fence in such a way that light comes from the south side. And if you plant Marquette in high beds or on elevated slopes, it will protect the roots from getting wet and cold.
  • It is necessary to take protective measures in the springseedlings. In order to save the future harvest, farmers harbor grapes. Practice has shown that it is better to use a non-woven covering material or a conventional film.
  • Once a year, preferably in spring, followsTreat the plant with fungicides to protect the foliage from phylloxera. A bush that is resistant to chemicals will be healthy. In addition, this procedure will allow it to grow and develop better.
  • Irrigation is carried out regularly, until the flowering period of the grapes. Then they should be stopped, so as not to cause the falling of the blossoming brushes.
  • Timely loosening of the soil and cleaning from weeds will allow us to better "breathe" the root system.
  • The introduction of a new variety was aimed at,to facilitate the work of the vine-grower. And there is. The structure of the Marquette grape bush allows you to produce high quality pruning and to form a plant. In the implementation of these actions leave 35-40 eyes.

"Marquette" grape pictures


Judging by the reviews of Marquette grapes, you can findconfirmation of what the breeders promised. It is really frost-resistant. Great accent in the reviews is made on what excellent taste wine has got from the berries of the Marquette grapes. Some people consider the problem to be too intensive plant growth. It is difficult for him to be in time to form bushes as much as he would like. Some of the shoots climbed on the roof of the arbor. In the vertical state, they can reach 3 meters.

grapes "Marquett" reviews

Tips for winemakers

Many wine growers practice wine makingat home. Such people should pay attention to the advice of farmers who are closely involved in winemaking and have already received wine from Marquette grapes.

Specialists recommend to receivespirits with residual sugar. The wine comes out rich and not too sugary. There is information that the variety is perfectly combined with less sweet berries. You should know that the sweeter the variety of grapes, the stronger will be the drink obtained from it.

Also aging wine in oak barrels creates a good wine structure and the necessary concentration.

Experienced technologists advise not to damage the bones during the pressure of berries. This will significantly affect the taste of wine. There will be unpleasant bitterness in it.

Grape Marquette wine leaves a aftertaste of cherries, currants and blackberries.

Purchase seedlings only from licensed suppliers.


Marquette grape variety is an excellent find forFarmers who live in areas with unstable climatic conditions. Also, the culture is useful on the plot for those who like to indulge in home-made wine. This class should be paid attention also because its berries have all the necessary properties for obtaining a quality alcoholic beverage. Wine made from this grape variety is very beautiful and bright.

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