"Geksoral" with breastfeeding: instructions and reviews

After delivery and during lactation, the female bodyespecially vulnerable to colds. All because of hormonal changes, decrease in immunity. But the newly mum is so dangerous to be sick. If you are breastfeeding, most drugs can not be taken. Despite this, doctors appoint newly-made parents an effective remedy "Geksoral" (with breastfeeding). Today's article will tell you whether this is permissible.

hexorgol in breastfeeding

Is it possible to "Geksoral" during breastfeeding?

To get the right answer to this question,please refer to the instructions. The annotation states that you can not use "Geksoral" if there is an individual intolerance to its components. Children under three years of age are not prescribing this type of medicine because the child will not be able to apply it correctly.

"Geksoral" with breastfeedinguse does not prohibit. It is important only to take the medicine as directed by the doctor, and not to engage in self-medication. The instructions describe that the active ingredient of the drug is hexaethidine. In the rinse solution, 100 mg in 100 ml is present, and the aerosol contains 200 mg of the component in 100 ml. Tablets "Geksoral" contain chlorhexidine and benzocaine, and pastilles with different flavors - amylmetacresol and dichlorobenzyl alcohol.

hexoral in breastfeeding reviews

What will the medicine help future mothers?

The drug "Geksoral" with breastfeedingcan be a sufficiently effective tool. It is often used by newly mummies to eliminate pain in the throat. The manufacturer promotes: the drug heals, and does not mask the symptoms. Indications for use, prescribed in the instructions, look like this:

  • infectious and inflammatory diseases of the mouth and pharynx;
  • gingivitis and bleeding gums;
  • peridontopathy and stomatitis;
  • condition after tooth extraction (to prevent infection);
  • fungal lesions of the oral mucosa and larynx (stomatitis, thrush);
  • an unpleasant smell caused by the eruption of wisdom teeth or purulent lacunae.

Annotation reports that the drug (among women inlactation time and other patients) can be used for daily hygiene, as well as for the purpose of antiseptic treatment of the oral cavity before or after surgery.

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Can the medicine affect the child negatively?

What is dangerous "Geksoral" in breastfeeding? The instruction tells that the drug can cause side reactions. They are quite rare and have the appearance of allergies. When using the drug in accordance with the instruction of such consequences does not arise. The dose of the medication is so low that it is practically not absorbed through the mucous membranes. The medicine acts on the surface of the larynx, tonsils and mouth. If you do not overdose the drug, then for the child it is absolutely safe. The main components are not excreted with milk, and in pregnant women do not penetrate the placental barrier.

Yet some compassionate mothers are afraidharm the child. In this case, doctors recommend taking the drug immediately after the next feeding. In the period between applications of the baby to the breast, the active substance will perform the work and wash away as much as possible from the surface of the mucous membranes.

hexaural for breastfeeding instruction

How to use "Hexoral" in breastfeeding correctly?

The manufacturer offers to purchase severaltypes of medicinal product: aerosol, solution and tablets. Do not use all at once. Be sure to ask the doctor which Geoxorol you need.

  • Spray the aerosol by pressing the plunger 1-2 times a day. It is preferable to use the medication in the morning and in the evening.
  • "Geksoral Tubs" when breastfeeding is used in the intervals between applications of the child for 1 tablet. The maximum daily dose is 8 pills.
  • Pastilles with various oils and flavors in the composition dissolve one lozenge per day, but not more than 8 tablets per day. Duration of treatment varies from 5 to 7 days.
  • Rinse-off solution "Hexoral" for breastbreastfeeding is prescribed more often than other forms. He is treated with a mucosa of the oral cavity (15 ml) 2-3 times a day. Rinse should be done for at least 30 seconds.

Women tell

You already know how Geoxeral is usedat thoracal feeding. The remedy is good enough. Women who used the medicine during lactation, say: "Geksoral" is effective and safe.

Painful sensations after the use of tablets,solution or aerosol disappear within a few minutes. In this case, they are not just masked. The active substance perfectly copes with pathogenic microorganisms, having an antiseptic effect. The new mums are also pleased with the fact that the tablets "Geksoral" and "Geksoral Classic" taste good. You can choose the one that you like most: lemon, honey and so on. It is convenient to take this medicine with you, going to work or to the store. Such advantages do not have an aerosol and a rinse solution. Parents say that they use "Geksoral" (solution) every morning for the purpose of hygienic procedures. Tablets and lozenges for resorption they take during the day. There are reviews that tell about the violation of taste after using the tablets "Hexoral". This phenomenon is temporary, it passes by itself. The manufacturer recommends that when you see strange and incomprehensible symptoms, consult a doctor.

can hexoral be used in breastfeeding

Instead of concluding

From the article you were able to learn about the effective andaccessible antiseptic "Geksoral". When breastfeeding, the instruction to use it does not prohibit. But this does not mean that you can take the medicine thoughtlessly and in unlimited quantities. If a newly mummy has a sore throat or other symptoms of a malaise, then it's worth to see the therapist.

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