Foreshmak Recipe

Forshmak is a hearty snack present in many cuisines of the world. There are many recipes for this dish, differing not only with the preparation technology, but also with the composition. For example, in Swedish cuisine, Forshmak is made from meat and potatoes, and this dish is served hot. Forshmak recipe in Hebrew differs significantly from Swedish, because it is based on herring.

In Jewish culture, Forshmak holds a special place: Jews believe that no one but them knows how to cook Forshmak correctly. However, this dish is now so popular that everyone who wants it will cook it. You can find completely different recipes for cooking forshmak by entering the following query into the Internet search: forshmak, a recipe with a photo. We will consider a couple of the most popular recipes for this dish.

Foreshmak Recipe

Classic recipe

To make this deliciously tender and unusually tasty snack, you will need:

  • salted herring;
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • 1 onion;
  • 1 green apple;
  • wheat bread;
  • milk;
  • pepper;
  • vinegar (you can apple).

This forshmak, the recipe of which is considered to be a classic, is prepared on the basis of herring, which must be fresh. Herring must be cleansed of skin and bones, remove the ridge and soak in milk for 2-3 hours. So she will become less salty and get a soft creamy taste.

Soaked herring should be cut into small pieces, pre-freeing it from the bones. The most convenient way to do this is with the most ordinary tweezers. You need to take 2-3 slices of white bread without a crust, soak them in warm water and leave for a few minutes.

At this time, you can do other ingredients. The onion and boiled hard-boiled eggs must be cut, the apple must be peeled, the core removed and also crushed. Now the prepared ingredients should turn into a homogeneous mass. Herring, bread, onions, eggs and an apple should be minced and mixed thoroughly. The resulting mass is necessary to pepper, add a little vinegar and melted butter. Can be served at the table!

Forshmak, a classic recipe for which will not cause difficulties even for novice housewives, is served cold.It can be used for making rye bread sandwiches, and can be served as a main course with boiled potatoes.

Forshmak in Hebrew

Forshmak is a dish that reflects all the colorfulness of the Jewish people, so different, with a rich history and interesting traditions. What is interesting is that there is no one single forshmak recipe in Hebrew. Jews living in different territories prepare it in different ways. Forshmak Jewish, the recipe of which is given below, is as close as possible to the recipe recommended by the synagogue.

To make it you need:

  • herring;
  • 2-3 slices of loaf;
  • half green apple;
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • 1 tablespoon mustard;
  • black pepper;
  • vegetable oil;
  • bunch of green onions.

Foreshmak Recipe

Herring must be cleaned from the skin, remove all the bones and cut into small pieces. The apple should be grated, and the green onions should be washed and chopped. Eggs should be hard boiled and finely chopped. Slices loaf without a crust should be soaked in warm water for a few minutes.

Next, you should mix herring, apple, squeezed loaf, eggs and onions.To the mixture must be added a spoonful of mustard and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Now all the ingredients should be brought to a puree state. This can be done with a blender or meat grinder. Ready forshmak can be seasoned with black pepper.

Some culinary experts say that Forshmak is Jewishly prepared without adding an apple. Instead, the recipe must contain boiled potatoes.

Forshmak is a very versatile dish. He was served and continues to be served on holidays and on weekdays. Forshmak can be spread on black bread, can be served with salad, potatoes, pasta, can be used as a filling for pancakes and a dish that enhances the appetite before lunch. There are many options for cooking and serving delicious forshmak, choose whatever you like.

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