For children: treatment of bronchitis

Before describing how to treat bronchitis, it is necessary to list its main symptoms. The disease can be identified by the following signs: high fever, cough with sputum discharge. It is for him that bronchitis can be distinguished from other diseases affecting the lungs and throat: for example, with tracheitis and pharyngitis, the baby’s cough will be dry, whistling. Bronchitis is caused by bacteria or viruses, as well as allergens.bronchitis treatmentCauses

Treatment of bronchitis depends primarily on the factor that provoked the disease. As a rule, all colds to which children are so susceptible are caused by hypothermia, as a result of which the inflammatory process in the bronchi starts. After hypothermia, immunity usually decreases, and this is what the infection takes. Abundant sputum due to the fact that the mucous membrane of the bronchi suffers. Surely many parents noticed: when you hug a sick child, it seems as if something gurgles inside him - this is exactly that phlegm.By the way, in the normal state, sputum is also constantly present in the lungs - its presence is necessary in order not to allow bacteria that have entered the bronchi to reproduce. Treatment of bronchitis should be directed primarily to the restoration of protective functions.treatment of chronic bronchitisCourse of the disease

At first, the baby complains of a dry cough. The farther away, the more reflex zones become more acute, sputum separation begins. This is a completely natural process, do not try to "cough up" to speed it up. The treatment of bronchitis in any case should not be directed to the forced removal of sputum: it can only worsen the situation. It is best to try to contain a cough.

Is the disease contagious?

No parent wants to lead his already sick baby to the clinic. However, do not forget: this is a very dangerous disease - acute bronchitis in children. Treatment should take place exclusively under the supervision of a physician, all attempts at self-treatment and the use of folk remedies are excluded. If the disease was caused by a microbe, it is not contagious, but if it is a virus, then, like any cold, it is transmitted by coughing around.
acute bronchitis in children treatmentTreatment

So, if you do not want your baby to become a distributor of the infection, you need to rid him of cough. In addition, the patient should be at home until full recovery, that is, two or three weeks (this is how much the treatment of chronic bronchitis takes.) Even if all the symptoms disappeared in a few days, you should not send the child to school or kindergarten - he has not fully recovered. The inflammatory process in the bronchi is still present, although not in a pronounced form. As for the therapy itself, a few basic things should be remembered. First, watch the baby's breathing: do not let him inhale and exhale through the mouth. Secondly, teach him to cough properly so that the phlegm recedes. When you cough, be sure to cover your mouth with your palm, so as not to provoke new attacks, and try to prevent a convulsive breath after a protracted cough: cold air, which enters the lungs in large quantities, irritates them and causes a new coughing fit.

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