Flower pot "Lechuza": review, types, features and reviews

No interior of the house will look complete andfinished without houseplants. They not only serve as an excellent decor element, but are also a necessary means for purifying air. And in order for the house flora to grow beautiful, exuberant and pleasing to the eye, it needs good flowerpots.

Today, one of the most popularA "LECHUZA" pot from a German manufacturer. This is a unique pot, equipped with an auto-watering function. The brand Lechuza has developed various series of flowerpots, each of which has its own peculiarities. We will describe some product lines in the article.

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How did the famous flowerpots appeared

Pot of "Lechuza" by its appearance is obliged to HorstBrandstetter - the head of an ancient company engaged in the creation of toys. The beginning of the production of world famous flower pots dates back to 1998. The impulse to product development and, accordingly, the creation of a new trademark was the excessive desire of Mr. Brandstetter to create a thing for his own use. Horst to all subjects puts forward high aesthetic and functional requirements. Therefore, when he needed a flower pot for indoor flowers, he could not find a suitable option. And this despite the fact that the market was already full of all kinds of proposals for landscape and interior gardening.

That's how it was decided to design a pot"Lechuza", which has a round-the-clock system of highly professional care for a living plant. "Smart" floral planters team of developers Brandstätter Group named after a caring owl. In Spanish it sounds Lechuza. The production of the product was supplied by Brandstetter to the stream, and in 2000 the production lines of the trademark became fully operational.

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How does the accessory look and work?

Pots for flowers "Lechuza" are made ofspecial environmentally friendly plastic, characterized by a porous structure. The characteristics of the material are very close to ceramics, but the plastic is lighter, practical and durable. Each vase is equipped with an automatic watering system, thanks to which the moisture in the soil remains up to 12 weeks. The same system protects the roots of the plant from decay. Provided on each pot and a special indicator that allows you to know when the water runs out and when it should be added to a special tank for watering the plant.

Incredibly advantageous such pots and on the openair. A ground bushing is built in the bottom of each product. If it is removed, then the irrigation system provided for the ground, even in the shower, will work in the open air. In this case, the flower does not lock and will consume the amount of useful substances and water that it needs.

All that is needed for the Lechuza pots to work is to fill the tank with water, and then for 12 weeks the plant will independently supply itself with liquid.pots with autochip

Features of "smart" flowerpots

The "Lechuza" pot has such features:

  1. Mobility. Due to the presence of additional internal planting pots and rollers, flowerpots with plants can easily be moved from place to place.
  2. Easy moving. The strength of materials and the low weight of the pots make it possible to transfer accessories with flowers without much effort.
  3. All products are characterized by a single planting system for the garden and the house. This is possible due to the provided overflow function, which is suitable for both internal and external flower pots.
  4. Each product from Lechuza is manufactured in accordance with the highest German quality.

Due to these features and advantages, the "Lechuza" flowerpots are very popular. They are chosen for the decoration of houses, offices, trading halls and other premises.flowerpots lechures

The lineup

Pots with auto-watering "Lechuza" have an extensive model range. There are a huge number of species of such vases, but we will talk about the most popular among them.

Pots Lechuza Cascada - a system of "all inone ". Each product from this series represents both a small garden for greenery, a flower pot and a container for growing berries. The accessory is suitable for vertical type of gardening in a small area.

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Lechuza Delta 10 pots are characterized by the presence ofsystems of intellectual care. Thanks kashpo from this series, any window sill will turn into a small oasis. The ergonomic shape and compactness of Lechuza Delta 10 allow to grow orchids, mini-tomatoes and other previously inaccessible vegetation where large capacities do not fit.

Lechuza Cararo vases are designed for decorationrooms of large sizes. Models from this series have a width of 75 centimeters, so they are not only a container for growing plants, but also play the role of a partition. With the help of such items, it is possible to unite and divide living quarters.

Now consider the vases Lechuza Quadro LS. Cubic form and clear lines of models of this kind provide pots with a stylish look and provide phyto-design fans with ample opportunities for experiments. The maximum internal space of such accessories is their advantage.

Exercise of landing

Flower pots "Lechuza" allow you to makethe planting process is very quick and easy. The set of Lechuza includes a vase, a separator and an automatic watering system. The owner of the kit will need to purchase only the soil or substrate. Then it must be filled in the separator, pre-integrated in the plant pot. Then put directly the culture itself and fill the soil.

Consumer Opinions

Due to its uniqueness, the "Lechusa" potsreviews are positive. All the mistresses, who have already been lucky enough to acquire this miracle, are simply delighted with him. They say that the accessory saves their time, since every time there is no need to spend precious minutes on watering plants. In addition, they note, the Lechuza watering system is beneficial, if you suddenly forget to water the flora.

People who spend a lot of time on the roadand are rarely at home, they also prefer these products: there is no need to ask friends to come and water pots daily. Lechuza will cope on its own. And the owners are always sure that their favorite flowers will not wither and not be lost.

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Flower pot Lechuza: review, types, features and reviews Flower pot Lechuza: review, types, features and reviews Flower pot Lechuza: review, types, features and reviews Flower pot Lechuza: review, types, features and reviews Flower pot Lechuza: review, types, features and reviews Flower pot Lechuza: review, types, features and reviews Flower pot Lechuza: review, types, features and reviews Flower pot Lechuza: review, types, features and reviews