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I am planning a long trip to Almaty to customize the work of our representative office in Kazakhstan. At home I visit the gym three times a week, I would not like to take a break. Please advise a good fitness club in this city.
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Answered on May 29, 15:21
Choose a fitness club either near the hotel or near the temporary office, so that you can comfortably play sports and this did not take much time.
Answered on May 29, 5:40
If you are looking for good fitness clubs in Almaty, you can take a closer look at this club, if it is convenient for you geographically Despite everything.
Answered 29 May 17:51
You can sign up for trial classes in all clubs that are suitable for you geographically. It is still better to choose, based on your own feelings, and not focus on the reviews of other people.

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