Eye drops "Taurine". Instructions for use

Eye drops "Taurine" are used as a stimulator of repair. They restore impaired function of the eye tissue. The active ingredient, taurine, is a derivative of cysteine. It penetrates to the tropic eye tissues and accumulates there. As a result, the processes of osmoregulation and metabolism are normalized, electrophysiological disturbances are eliminated. Taurine stimulates the synthesis of protein molecules by creating complexes with tRNA, thereby improving the regeneration of damaged tissues. In addition, Taurine eye drops exhibit antioxidant activity, since they neutralize oxygen radicals in cells by improving the passage of ion fluxes through the membranes. The drug regulates in the tissues the metabolism of hormones, proteins, carbohydrates, and also affects the pathogenetic factors of cataracts.

eye drops taurineIndications for use

Apply drops "Taurine" in degenerative pathologies of the retina,erosive lesions and corneal dystrophy, cataracts of different genesis (diabetic, traumatic, age-related, radiation), ophthalmic herpes, eye injuries, glaucoma (as part of complex therapy), keratitis of different genesis. The drug allows you to eliminate eye fatigue in the case of a large load (with long work at the computer, a long stay at the wheel, when working with small parts that cause eye strain). Also, eye drops "Taurine" is used in the postoperative period in order to improve the repair of tissues that were damaged. The drug removes puffiness and helps to form a high-quality scar. Prescribes medication exclusively doctor.

Composition. Dosage Form

Release eye drops "Taurine" in bottles of 5, 10 ml. 1 ml of the product contains taurine in the amount of 40 mg. Auxiliary components are water and nipagin.

eye drops taurineMode of application

The bottle should be warmed in the palms before use. It is necessary to unscrew the cap, slightly remove the lower eyelid and drip drops into the conjunctival sac. In the presence of cataracts, treatment lasts up to three months, while instillations are carried out 2-4 times a day, each time using 2-3 drops of medication.With traumatic eye damage, the drug is prescribed in the same daily dosage, but the course of therapy is set less than a long one (it is determined by the doctor). In the case of open-angle glaucoma, Taurine eye drops are used before using timolol (half an hour).

Side effects and contraindications

The drug has low toxicity. In rare cases, allergic reactions are possible (most often to auxiliary components of the agent). In children and with intolerance to the ingredients in the composition, the use of drops is contraindicated.

taurine dropsadditional information

The drug is allowed to prescribe during childbirth, but it should be used under the supervision of a specialist. Drops are suitable after opening the bottle for 28 days. The bottle should be screwed on tightly after use. Store in a place protected from light.

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