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Everyone from the school bench knows that the liver in the human body is a filter that passes through all the substances that enter the body through the gastrointestinal tract and through the skin. And, of course, everyone knows that when this important organ gets sick, then it can no longer qualitatively perform its functions. Poor filter operation affects the functioning of the whole organism, because harmful substances are not processed and not removed, but accumulate in the cells, which, in turn, leads to serious illnesses. To prevent this, it is necessary to seek help in time for specialists who certainly know how to maintain and restore normal liver function.

How to treat liver disease

To combat the ills of this most important organ, there is such a group of drugs as hepatoprotectors.These medicines are designed to restore the structure of liver cells and metabolic processes that lead to the normalization of its functions.essentiale forte reviews

In medical practice, the drug Essentiale Forte is widely used. Reviews of doctors in his regard are very convincing and are unanimous that this is one of the best means for restoring and normalizing the functioning of the liver. This article will focus on this medicine. We will find out at what diagnoses it is prescribed, how to drink this drug, whether there are contraindications and side effects.

Immediately it should be noted that the information provided about the tool Essentiale Forte, reviews of patients and specialists can not serve as a basis for taking the drug. Treatment can only be prescribed by a doctor after conducting a series of laboratory tests.

What states are indications to receive

The drug "Essentiale Forte", reviews of which are so interesting to patients with impaired liver function, is prescribed for such diseases as:

  • fatty degeneration of the liver;
  • chronic and acute forms of hepatitis;
  • cirrhosis and necrosis of liver cells;
  • hepatic coma;
  • toxic lesions, including pregnancy toxicosis;
  • recovery period after surgery in the hepatobiliary area;
  • psoriasis;
  • radiation injury syndrome.

essentiale forte instruction reviews

The composition of the drug

The medicine Essentiale Forte, reviews of which indicate its effectiveness and positive effect on the functioning of the liver, has been used in medical practice for more than thirty years. During this time, a lot of research was conducted that showed excellent results and made this drug a leader in the treatment and prevention of diseases of one of the most important organs of the human body. What is the secret of success? Experts say that the composition of this tool perfectly copes with the task. The main components of the drug are soybean phospholipids containing 76% choline. Components such as solid fat, soy bean oil, ethanol, ethyl vanillin, hydrogenated castor oil, tocopherol and methoxy acetophenone are used as auxiliary substances.

Many of these names are not known to the ordinary man in the street, but many people have probably heard about the properties of phospholipids.It is their lack that leads to disruption of the liver, and Essentiale Forte, the reviews of which are so good, is intended to replenish it.

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Principle of operation and analogues

Due to the active component - phospholipids from soybeans - the drug helps to restore metabolic processes in the liver and preserve the structure of cells and the enzyme system of the body. In addition, the tool Essentiale Forte inhibits the growth of undesirable connective tissue. Also due to the positive effect on the cardiovascular system, liver obesity is prevented.

What can replace the drug "Essentiale Forte"? Analogs, reviews of which are also more positive, are represented by such drugs as Hofitol, Essliver, Allahol, and Galsten. Each of these medicines has its own contraindications and regimens, which are described in the instructions.

Forms of release and regimen

The drug Essentiale Forte is available in two forms: as a solution and in capsules. Each of them has its own regimen and the recommended dose. You should also pay attention to the fact that there are several types of drugs.

So, for example, in the Essentiale Forte N, there is benzyl alcohol. This form of the drug is not prescribed to children up to three years and pregnant, as this component adversely affects the health of the baby and is transmitted to the fetus through the placenta.

How is Essentiale Forte taken? Patient reviews indicate that the recommended dose is usually given, indicated in the manufacturer's instructions. The regimen looks like this:

  • 2 capsules 3 times a day with a glass of water;
  • 1-2 ampoules a day intravenously, with acute forms of the disease - 2-4 ampoules a day.

The solution for intravenous administration is not diluted with anything, but is very slowly administered in its pure form. The course of treatment is prescribed by the doctor individually and depends on the diagnosis and condition of the patient. As a rule, mixed therapy with the simultaneous administration of capsules and intravenous injections is prescribed at the initial stage. After alleviating the condition and improving the results of laboratory tests, the intravenous solution is canceled and only the administration of the drug in capsule form continues.


Is it possible to use the drug Essentiale Forte N in the treatment of children? Reviews of doctors andThe instructions for use strictly prohibit the use of this drug in the form of capsules for the treatment of children under the age of twelve. The fact is that research on the subject of studying the use of this drug in pediatrics has not been conducted. Also, a contraindication is the high sensitivity of patients to phosphatidylcholine and other components.

At the same time, a solution for intravenous injections can be used to treat children of three years of age.

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Taking the drug during pregnancy and lactation

Is Essentiale Forte prescribed during pregnancy? Reviews of doctors say that in case of toxicosis in the period of carrying an infant, the drug is indispensable. Its action aimed at regulating lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, improves the condition of the liver and increases its anti-toxicity function, which is very important during early and late toxicosis of pregnancy. At the same time, there have been no official studies on the effect of daily medication on the fetus, and therefore there is no such information. During pregnancy, the decision regarding the reception and dosage can be made only by the attending physician, after weighing the benefits and possible harm.

The drug Essentiale Forte can be administered both in capsules and in the form of injections.

During lactation, the drug is not used, since it can be transmitted to the infant through breast milk.

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Side effects

Are there any negative effects after taking the hepatoprotector Essentiale Forte? Instruction, reviews of doctors and patients suggest that with intolerance to individual components, allergic reactions can occur with skin rashes, swelling and itching.

The following disorders can be observed on the part of the gastrointestinal tract: diarrhea, soft stools and a feeling of discomfort in the stomach.

However, such cases are extremely rare in medical practice, and the drug is generally well tolerated.

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additional information

An intravenous drug solution can react with electrolytes. If necessary, dilution of the drug is diluted with the patient's blood during administration or glucose. There is no information about the interaction of this drug with other drugs.

During the period of treatment there is no need to avoid working with increased danger, driving vehicles.Taking the medicine does not affect vision and concentration.

Do not use turbid solutions for injections. Store the medicine in the form of capsules should be in a dry place with an air temperature not higher than 21 degrees. Ampoules must be kept in the refrigerator.

It is strictly prohibited to administer the solution intramuscularly. This action can cause severe irritation and inflammation of the skin.

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What is the difference between Essentiale Forte and Essentiale Forte N?

Instruction, feedback from experts suggests that benzyl alcohol is included in Essentiale Forte N. Perhaps this is the only difference between these two drugs. As mentioned above, the presence of this component is a contraindication for admission during pregnancy and children under three years of age.

In this case, you should be very careful when you buy this drug at a pharmacy, because quite often the pharmacists replace one form of the drug with another, not indicating the difference, which can be extremely important.

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