Essay on the painting “Again the Two” Reshetnikova F. P. Analysis and Features

In this article we will talk about how, in the painting “Again the Two”, Reshetnikova F. P. The problematics of the work are quite simple and familiar to everyone, therefore usually problems for schoolchildren do not arise with this work. Especially since the essay is written in the 5th and 6th grades. So, let's try to make a plan that is suitable for children of any age.

essay on the picture again, two latters

F. Reshetnikov, an essay on the painting “Again the deuce”: plan

First you need to make a plan that will help in writing:

  • The history of creation, the ability to better understand the situation and the characters of the characters.
  • Description of the background.
  • Images of heroes: first, main, then minor.
  • Main thought.
  • Summarizing.

History of creation

In 1952, a painting was written by F. P. Reshetnikov “Again a deuce”. It is better to start writing with a description of the original idea of ​​the artist. Reshetnikov wanted to portray an excellent student, telling his mother about the next five. To find a model, the artist went to school.Here he was allowed to sit on one of the lessons. But the children were worried, and even an excellent student in confusion could not solve the problem. He twisted the chalk in his hands. So the idea arose to depict Losers at the blackboard. From that moment, the search began for the teacher of the model, or rather the teacher, because women are more likely to work at school. The artist even made several sketches of a picture with this plot.

the picture

But this option did not satisfy Reshetnikov, he seemed boring. Then the idea came to transfer the action to the family, as a failure in school is a blow to all its members. For each character, the artist was looking for a real model, and then did a lot of drawings, sketches.

He found his main character in the courtyard on the football field. Vortex lop-eared boy like no one came to the role of Losers. Work has begun to boil. He first appeared on the canvas, then came the dog, mother, sister and younger brother.

Description of the situation

We continue the description of the situation of the essay on the painting "Again the deuce." Reshetnikov depicts a simple Soviet family. Consequently, the situation in the apartment is the most common for those years. Since the end of the war only seven years have passed (the picture was painted in 1952), the country has already begun to recover, therefore, despite the poor situation, the family does not live in poverty.

f redshevnik essay on the picture again, two

The age of children - 12, 8 and 4 years - says that their father returned from the war alive, since the third child was born. Outside the window is light, and winter time means another day. From which we can conclude that the head of the family at work, and the mother is engaged in the household, keeps order - the house is clean and comfortable. The father earns enough to feed all the offspring, since the boy has a bicycle, the children are neatly dressed, the dog also does not look hungry. From the foregoing, we can conclude that the Losers live in a good happy family, he has caring and hardworking parents. That is why the boy is so ashamed - he disappointed them with his behavior.

The image of the protagonist

The essay on the painting “Again the Deuce” (Reshetnikov) should be devoted to the central character. The boy stands with his head down, his hair disheveled, his ears and cheeks flushed. In his hands he holds a disheveled briefcase, tied with a rope, from which skates peep. The state of the backpack speaks about the boy's careless attitude to things. Skates indicate that he did not go home immediately after school, but went with his friends to the rink. Such an act could be caused by a desire to defer punishment or by shame.

An essay on the subject of deuce again picture

The clothes show that the hero just entered the apartment, did not even have time to undress, but it became immediately clear to everyone that he returned from school with bad news. Therefore, this is not the first time. This assumption is confirmed by the name of the picture.

Remarkable is the behavior of the dog. She happily rushes to greet the little master. Apparently the boy is very good to her. Therefore, we can say that our hero is a good fellow. He is not a bully, just an irresponsible and conscientious tomboy. His whole appearance speaks of repentance. The boy did not want to upset his mother and was not prepared for the lesson from evil or harm. Rather, it came about because of levity.

Other characters

One of the key roles was taken by the mother of the Reshetnikov boy (“Again deuce”). Description of the picture (essay) is impossible without the characteristics of this character. Her hair was gathered under a kerchief, an apron was put on top of the dress, apparently preparing dinner before the arrival of her son. It is also important that she is sitting - this indicates fatigue. The house is clean, therefore, cleaning is often done. There is a flower on the window sill, the table is covered with a tablecloth - the mother is trying to create comfort. Her gaze is full of dumb weary reproach.The woman is not angry, she is just upset and disappointed. For her part, she did everything to provide children with a comfortable life, and she cannot understand what else her son lacks.

lattices again deuce picture description essay

At the table is the older sister of our hero. The girl is neatly dressed, her briefcase is in perfect order. From him she gets notebooks and textbooks, apparently, is going to do homework. On the neck of the girl is a bright red pioneer tie, she obviously learns excellent. Sister looks at her brother sternly, her look is not as soft as her mother's. She is the complete opposite of brother. The girl is angry not only because the younger one learns poorly, but also because he hurts his mother by this. The kid, cheerful and carefree, goes for a drive on a bicycle. He does not understand the seriousness of what is happening.

Main thought

The writing on F. Reshetnikov's painting “Again the Two” should reveal the main idea of ​​the work. The mood of the canvas can be understood by the faded colors, the only bright spot is the pioneer tie. As for the rest of the family, before the appearance of the losers, each of them was busy with his own business. My mother was cooking, my sister was going to sit down for lessons, and the little brother was rolling around the apartment.But the arrival of the boy seemed to stop the peaceful flow of their lives. Thus, the picture teaches children how an irresponsible attitude to learning can upset loved ones and loved ones. Makes you think about your behavior and how they relate to schoolwork.

How to write a good conclusion

The essay on the topic “Again deuce” (Reshetnikov’s painting) should end with a small conclusion in which you need to express your opinion about this canvas and the problem it affects. It should be remembered that this is your personal opinion, and there is no “correct” answer. You can condemn or support the hero. The main thing is to justify their judgment.

an essay on the painting

You can start writing a conclusion with the words “I think,” “I think,” “I agree / disagree,” and so on. Next, formulate a thought, for example, “the boy behaved badly, he had all the conditions to study well ...”. And in the end you can tell how you would behave in the place of our character. The writing of Reshetnikov's painting “Again the Deuce Two” is quite simple to write if you follow the plan presented here.

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