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We decided with our neighbors to replace the doors in the front door. The house is old, and our door is simply not closed. And we would like to put a combination lock so that left people do not run hither. Advise where in Moscow you can turn, so that the door is not only made according to our measurements, but also installed.
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Answered on June 4 17:24
Do you want a metal door or with glass? It seems to me that it is better with glass, because due to the nature of the entrances in old houses it will be very dark there, you can stumble and be injured. For example, you can enter aluminum doors with glass on this site. There’s just an action on them now, I think it’s unlikely that there are many wealthy people living in the old house and this can be important when choosing.
Answered on June 4 17:44
And I think that the best of all is two doors in the entrance. This significantly reduces heat loss. By the way, in the old house it is also desirable to replace the horse in the stairwell, if you have not done it yet.
Answered on June 4 17:53
I also like doors with glass more. And if at least a little repairfront door and paint the walls in light colors, it will be even more comfortable. I saw one such front door in Khrushchev, it looks very neat and cozy.

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