Encopresis in children: treatment at home with folk remedies and medication

Often parents are faced with very sensitive issues regarding their children. One of those is encopresis in children. The treatment of this disorder requires complex methods, since the disease affects not only the physiological, but also the psychological side of the body.Encopresis in children

Pathogenesis of encopresis

In other words, this condition can be called fecal incontinence in children. It manifests itself, as a rule, in children over the age of 3 years, because in the earlier period it is extremely difficult to speak about the development of pathology. For very young children, the process of bowel emptying is a priori involuntary, since they have not yet formed reflexes aimed at controlling the sphincter. If a child in conscious age stains his underwear with feces, then this means that he has some disturbances in the development of the organism.Boys are more at risk of developing enopresis than girls.

Causes of disease

Fecal incontinence may be due to the influence of various factors. Pediatricians mainly distinguish the psychological causes of encopresis in children. Treatment in this case is aimed at eliminating them. However, pathology often develops against the background of the physiological defects of the baby’s body. So, the child may have congenital disorders, which later became the starting point of the disease. The reasons for the development of encopresis include:

  • Chronic constipation.
  • Stressful situations caused by the general climate in the family or in a team.
  • Aggressive and overly persistent behavior of parents in the period of accustoming the children to the pot.
  • Acute inflammatory processes in any parts of the intestine.
  • Difficulties of access to the toilet in an educational institution (kindergarten, school, etc.).
  • Pathologies caused by severe pregnancy or complications during childbirth.
  • Injuries or surgeries.

Despite a rather impressive list of possible causes, in most cases the incontinence of feces in babies is still caused by external factors affecting their emotional and psychological state.Therefore, you should not immediately fall into a panic: the treatment of encopresis in children requires parents to observe peace and prudence.Encopresis in children causes treatment


The main symptom of the disease is comazoania. Moreover, this symptom should manifest itself not sporadically, but with noticeable regularity. Parents, constantly noticing traces of feces on the child’s underwear, do not know what to do with this, since the child often simply does not attach importance to this phenomenon.

In addition to the main symptom, there are a number of additional. However, it is worth making some distinction, as the encopresis is divided into false and true. Each species has its own distinctive features, which, in fact, can be recognized pathology.treatment of encopresis in children

True encopresis

Such a course of the disease manifests itself very brightly, so it is quite difficult not to notice. In this case, primarily psychological causes causing encopresis in children are distinguished. The treatment is slow, as the disease develops against the background of the strongest emotional stress and disorders of the central nervous system. The true pathology is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Constant comazoania.
  • Strong unpleasant smell, which is easily caught by others.
  • Irritation of the skin in the area of ​​the anus, manifested by redness and itching.
  • Semi-open state of the sphincter.
  • Closing the anus with feces.
  • Urinary incontinence.

Naturally, not all cases of true encopresis imply the presence of all the above symptoms. It all depends on the degree of neglect of the disease.

False encopresis

According to statistics, this type of fecal incontinence is diagnosed by pediatricians much more often than the previous one. Chronic constipation is the main cause provoking the false encopresis in children. Treatment in this case looks a bit different way, as it is aimed at correcting the physiological component of the body. It is noticed that false pathology is also often found in shy babies who consciously try to restrain the body's urge to act to defecate.

The symptoms of this type of encopresis, in addition to soiling underwear, also include typical manifestations of constipation. These can be difficulties in the process of bowel emptying, or very dense stools.Often parents notice a peculiar smell of stool, reminiscent of diarrhea. Another manifestation of the false encopresis can be the so-called sheep feces.


Therapy aimed at combating the incontinence of fecal masses in a child should be carried out only after examination of the baby by a specialist. A pediatrician should carefully examine the course of the disease in order to identify the causes of it. After all, there are a number of factors that can provoke encopresis in children. The treatment is prescribed by the doctor in accordance with the identified causes.

Drug Therapy

The effectiveness of drug treatment is very high, but, as a rule, it is used only in the early stages of the disease. At the same time, parents should take special care, as there is a whole list of medicines that are contraindicated for use by children. It is highly desirable to conduct treatment with drugs that do not have an aggressive effect on the children's body. Primary therapy should be 1-2 weeks. During this time, the symptoms of the disease are eliminated and the intestines of the child are partially cleaned.Pediatricians recommend the treatment of encopresis in children "Duphalac" or "Bisacodyl".

After the course of therapy, the effect should be fixed. To do this, within six months the intestines of the child must be subjected to regular cleaning. Psilium works very well with this. You can also enter into the medical course vaseline oil - it will facilitate the process of emptying your baby. The tool must be added to the main diet of the child for 2 tbsp. l per day.


The first rule that parents should remember when drawing up a menu for children suffering from encopresis: all products should be easily digested. Therefore, it is recommended to exclude from the diet of the baby fatty varieties of fish and meat, legumes, as well as baking. It is also important to understand that fried and spicy dishes only strengthen the encopresis in children. Home treatment with a diet should include steaming or boiling. Coarse plant food will be much better absorbed by the intestines of the baby, if it is served in a ground form. You can make a variety of purees and mousses based on fruits or vegetables.

Porridge, light soups, and also sour-milk products will become optimum products for a dietary table at an encoprez.It is desirable to replace sweets in the form of sweets and muffins with natural sources of glucose: honey, raisins, prunes.Encopresis in children home treatment

Folk remedies for the treatment of encopresis

The best result is given by the complex therapy combining several ways of fighting the disease. Therefore, when conducting medical treatment will not be superfluous to supplement it with the use of folk remedies. Traditional drugs eliminate the main symptoms that manifest encopresis in children. Treatment with folk remedies is aimed at eliminating the psychological discomfort of the child. Such therapy involves the use of recipes based on various herbs that have a calming effect on the body.

Tea from mint leaves with encopresis in a child

This tool will help calm the nervous system of the baby, which will positively affect the results of treatment. Often, patients with encopresis suffer from bouts of irritability and insomnia. Medical tea eliminates these symptoms. In addition, mint gives the drink a pleasant taste and aroma.

To prepare the drink is recommended to take 1 tbsp. l leaves of plants in a glass of hot water.The number of components may be different, but most importantly, to maintain the basic proportions. The liquid must be heated in a water bath and left to stew for 15 minutes. It is desirable to dilute the cooled and filtered drink in such a way that its volume will increase by 2 times.

Mint tea can complement the main medical treatment of encopresis in children. It is recommended to give it to the child 3 times a day in doses of 50 mg. The tool must be consumed in about 15 minutes before a meal.

Herbal assorted decoction

The sedative effect of this recipe is much more pronounced than in the case of mint tea. The decoction is actively fighting the symptoms of nervous overstrain, which is often just necessary for babies with encopresis. Most children with fecal incontinence tend to withdraw into themselves due to a feeling of depression and depression. Against this background, in fact, a strong stress is formed.

The composition of the broth includes 3 main ingredients: mint leaves, hop cones and valerian root. The proportions should be 3: 2: 2, respectively. A mixture of herbs is prepared in the same way as the previous recipe. The broth should be given to the baby 3 times a day, 100 ml in combination with drugs that eliminate the neurotic encopresis in children.Treatment may accompany the entire period of drug therapy, or else proceed until the symptoms of nervous overstrain are eliminated.Encopresis in children home treatment photo

Relaxing baths

It is possible to achieve a soothing result not only with the help of the means used inside, but also during water procedures. So, children suffering from encopresis are advised to take warm baths with the addition of medicinal herbs. To achieve a sedative effect such plants are used:

  • Lavender.
  • Mint.
  • Sage.
  • Valerian.
  • Calendula.
  • Pharmaceutical camomile.
  • A succession.

Relaxing baths should be taken every evening, as only systematic therapy can eliminate encopresis in children. Treatment (reviews prove that it is effective under the condition of regularity) should be combined: it is advisable not to stop at a certain gathering of herbs, but constantly alternate them.encopresis in children treatment of folk remedies

Enema with encopresis

The use of enemas allows not only to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but also to develop the necessary conditioned reflexes in the child. The frequency of procedures depends on the predominant time in which the baby has an involuntary bowel movement.So, in order to protect the child from daytime incontinence, it is recommended to put an enema in the morning. If the child is emptied mostly at night, then it is better to do the procedure immediately before bedtime.

It usually takes up to 25 regular enemas to eliminate encopresis in children. Home treatment (photos with detailed instructions for procedures can be found in medical reference books) using intestinal lavage should be strictly systematic. A visit to the toilet at the same time will allow the child to form a reflex, so necessary to combat the disease.

Child support by parents

The psychological state of the baby is an important factor in the treatment of such a pathology as encopresis. Therefore, it is very important for parents to provide support for their child. In cases of incontinence, you should not blame and punish the child, since this can only increase his stressful state. It is necessary to convince the child that he is not guilty of what is happening and that together you can overcome this delicate problem.neurotic encopresis in children

Which doctor to contact?

Initially, you can sign up with the child for an appointment with a pediatrician.He will examine the baby and, if necessary, refer him to a specialist with a narrower profile. The choice of doctor depends directly on the causes of encopresis in children. The treatment of the disease, developed on the background of stress, produces a psychologist. In the fight against encopresis of the physiological nature will help the surgeon or a gastroenterologist.

Such a problem as fecal incontinence in children is not so rare. Fortunately, with the right approach, it can be successfully treated. Therefore, parents should not despair, because encopresis in a child is not the end of the world, but a disease that can and must be fought.

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