Effezel (gel) - instructions for use and reviews

Clean and well-groomed skin is considered a sign of human health. People with problem skin, especially in adolescence, are trying to get rid of the flaws with the help of various cosmetics and medicines.

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To combat acne, with spots after acne or non-allergic rashes use the drug Effezel (gel), the photo of which is presented in the article.


This tool is produced by the French company "Laboratory Galderma". In the Russian market, Effezel-gel has been present since 2013, but has already established itself as an effective tool. His predecessors were the medicines Differin and Baziron AU. The use of these two preparations consisted in alternately applying one layer first and then the other. This treatment was effective, but it took time to be spent on the procedure.

The duration of manipulation is associated with the gradual penetration of active substances into the skin.The disadvantage of treatment was the low rate of penetration of benzoyl peroxide into the skin and its rapid transformation into benzoic acid.

Scientists have managed to combine these two drugs in one drug for acne "Effezel." It is effectively used at any age to fight acne.

Release form

To find out what is the drug "Effezel", cream or gel, just look at its instructions for use. The description says that the medicine is an opaque consistency, pale or slightly yellow. Available in gel form for outdoor use.effesel gel

Sold in plastic tubes with a laminated coating of 2, 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 g. Each tube is packed in a pack with instructions for use.


The manual provides a list of all active and auxiliary components. For the drug "Effezel" (gel) the composition is painted on one gram of medication.

The main active ingredients are adapalen in the amount of 1 ml and 25 mg of benzoyl peroxide.

Auxiliary substances include 5 mg of sodium docusate, 1 mg of disodium edetate, 0.4 mg of glycerol, 2 mg of poloxamer 124 type, 0.4 mg of propylene glycol, up to 1 g of purified water and simulgel type 600 PHA.The latter compound consists of 35-40% acrylamide copolymer and acryloyl dimethyl taurate, 20-25% isohexadecane, 5-10% polysorbate, 2.5% sorbitan oleate and water in an amount sufficient to one hundred percent.


In the pharmaceutical market there are drugs with the same active ingredient in their composition. The drug Effezel (gel) analogues are made on the basis of adapalene with the same percentage content.

One of these drugs is gel "Adapalen", intended for external use in the treatment of acne. The amount of adapalene is 0.1%, sold for 30 g in tubes.

Another similar drug is Differin gel or cream at a dosage of 0.1%, which is considered to be the precursor of the two-component Effezel agent (gel). Produced by the French company "Galderma" in tubes of 30 g.effesel gel analogues

The drug Effezel (gel) analogues can be not only European, but also of Indian production, for example, 0.1% gel for outdoor use Klenzit, manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. It is produced in two packages of 15 and 30 g in the form of a white gel-like homogeneous liquid.

Another Indian counterpart, the drug Adaklin, is produced by Ranbaksi Laboratories Limited in the form of a 0.1% cream for external use. Means represents homogeneous white creamy texture. As in other analogues, the active ingredient is a dermato-protective substance adapalen.

Acne gel "Effesel" can be replaced with the Russian drug "Adolen". Produced medication at JSC "Synthesis" in two packagings of 15 and 30 g.

How does

For the Effezel (gel) product, the instructions for use describe the mechanism of the effect of its active ingredients on problem areas of human skin. It is proved that the two active ingredients that make up the gel, exhibit different, but complementary properties.

Adapalen is one of the derivatives of naphthoic acid, which has a retinoid-like effect and chemical stability. The substance has a pathogenetic effect against pathogens of acne vulgaris, actively modulates cell differentiation and keratinization, exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect.effacel cream or gel

Adapalen binds specific nuclear receptors for retinoic acid.Studied local application of the drug, during which the differentiation of epithelial cells of the follicles is normalized, which prevents microcomedoons from developing. In vitro studies have shown that under the action of adapalene, polymorphonuclear human leukocytes reduce the chemotactic (directed) and chemokinetic (arbitrary) response, inhibit arachidonic acid metabolism and synthesis of mediators responsible for inflammation. This leads to a decrease in the cell-mediated inflammatory component of acne.

Benzoyl peroxide has an exfoliating and keratolytic effect, an antimicrobial effect in the presence of Propionibacterium acne, which are found in the oil-hair follicles of acne. The substance has a sebiostatic effect, which prevents excessive secretion of sebaceous glands and aggravates rash.

What is used

Skin problems in the form of acne occur when the exfoliation of dead cells is slow, sebum is produced at the same rate. The result is the formation of a new epithelial layer, untreated from dead cells, but with the accumulated secret of the sebaceous glands.Sebum has nowhere to get out of the confined space, the process of inflammation begins.

To prevent congestion on the skin, we need drugs that accelerate the differentiation of epithelial cells and reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands. The drug has such an effect."Effezel "(gel). Instructions for use recommends its use for the local treatment of acne.Acnesel gel from spots after acne

Proven effectiveness of acne therapy with the formation of comedones, papules and pustules. It is applied "Effezel" gel from spots after acne, which make the skin ugly.

How to use

Apply the Effezel gel with your fingertips to form a thin film over the entire affected surface. The procedure is carried out once a day in the evening, the skin should be clean and dry, do not allow the penetration of drugs on the mucous membranes of the body.

The therapeutic effect begins to manifest after 7 days of treatment. The duration is determined by the doctor after the examination and detection of the patient's disease.

If irritation occurs on the skin, non-comedogenic agents with a moisturizing effect are used and the number of applications that are carried out every other day is reduced.Depending on the degree of adverse reaction, treatment is suspended until the signs of allergy are eliminated or are completely stopped.

Application features

The drug Effezel (gel) does not treat the skin with injuries sustained by injuries, for example, cuts or abrasions of the epithelium. It is not recommended to apply the medication on eczematous changed skin.effesel gel composition

Contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes, mouth, nostrils and other areas covered with mucus is not allowed. Accidental contact of the gel with eyes requires immediate rinsing with plenty of warm water.

The preparation contains propylene glycol, or E1520, the action of which can cause irritation on the skin. If there are signs of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, the use of the drug "Effezel" (gel) should be abandoned.

During treatment, it is necessary to limit the exposure of the sun or UV light to the affected areas.

The drug is able to change the color or even discolor colored materials, such as hair or clothing, so when using it, do not allow the ingestion of gel on them.

Existing experience in the use of drugs based on benzoyl peroxide and adapalene has shown that when combined with other drugs, there are no signs of interaction. However, in order to avoid enhanced action, the manufacturer does not recommend the simultaneous use of Effezel gel with other retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, or with drugs that exhibit a similar effect.

It should be carefully combined with cosmetics that have a peeling and drying effect in order to avoid excessive irritation.

The rate of absorption of adapalene through the skin cells is low, which explains the low probability of development of interaction with systemic drugs.

Benzoyl peroxide slowly penetrates the skin and the whole is converted into benzoic acid, which can quickly be removed from the body. This explains the lack of interaction of benzoic acid with drugs in the systemic circulation.

When will the effect

Noticeable skin changes can be observed with the use of the drug Effezel (gel). Photos before and after application indicate the effectiveness of treatment with acne and acne scars.Effel gel before and after

However, the process of restoring the skin with adapalene does not take place in one day. It should take from one week to a month of daily procedures using gel "Effesel" to notice the result.

This is due to the complexity of adapalena to penetrate the skin, as well as due to its rapid elimination from the human body. Gel therapy is a long-term cumulative effect. The duration of the manipulation can be delayed up to six months. To fix the result after the course of treatment, regular peeling of the skin is necessary, it can be carried out independently at home.


Effective drug "Effezel" (gel) for acne. Reviews of patients indicate that after a few days, acne rashes begin to dry up and inflammatory processes are reduced.

Many patients note that this medicine has an aggressive effect; when it is used, spots from acne disappear longer. To speed up the process of restoring the skin, it is recommended to use agents that promote the rapid regeneration of the skin epithelium, for example, cream Bepanten. It should be applied after 15 minutes after applying the drug "Effezel" (gel).Reviews indicate that this technique allows you to quickly bring the skin to a normal state.

According to the patients who used the medicine, the reduction of comedones will be noticeable not earlier than in one month.

The antimicrobial effect, peeling effect and adjustment of the excretory function of the sebaceous glands are provided by the drug Effezel gel. Feedback from people confirms the ease of use of this tool compared with the use of several medicines at the same time.

For some patients, peeling of the skin can cause discomfort, in which case it is recommended to lubricate the skin with a moisturizing cream. You can use thermal water for sprinkling or seaweed-based cosmetics that are easily absorbed. The main condition is to protect the skin from solar radiation, so that after treatment of acne it is not necessary to get rid of age spots.

Not the same effect on epithelial cells of the gel "Effezel" in different people. One drug is suitable because of its mild effect and the absence of side effects compared to other, more aggressive medicines for acne.In search of a convenient and effective remedy, people with problem skin tried many medicinal and cosmetic products that dried the epithelium strongly, caused redness and flaking with a painful effect. After using the gel Effezel, patients stop on this tool and advise it to their friends.

The disadvantage of therapy is its duration. It should be patient, improving the skin will not appear momentarily.

effesel gel instructions for use

However, not all patients with epithelial problems are suitable for the gel, especially in case of hypersensitivity and susceptibility to allergies. In some people, after several days of using Effezel, the skin became irritated, red, and burning. The number of acne has not decreased, but, on the contrary, has increased. I had to refuse treatment until the side effects disappeared. Repeated therapy with the drug beautician recommended to combine with a moisturizer, which is applied on top of the gel. Only in the absence of undesirable reactions can further treatment with the drug Effezel.

Other side effects of applying the gel can be dryness, dermatitis, itching or skin allergies.

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