Effective gel for acne and acne

Problems with skin are not only in adolescents. Red spots, acne and pimples often disturb older people. The cause of their appearance can be various diseases of the liver, digestive system, metabolic disorders and so on. Before starting treatment it is necessary to undergo examinations and exclude problems with the health of internal organs.

As a rule, dermatologists and cosmetologists adviseuse a variety of gels for acne acne. Today they can be found in any store in a huge range. However, experts advise buying them in pharmacies. In this case, you will have quality and efficiency guarantees.gel from acne

Buying gel from acne, read carefullycomposition and method of application. They differ in the set of components and not all fit. You can choose the best option only on your own experience, i.e. having tried several. The gel from acne should dry the skin, but do not pull it off. If after applying you feel uncomfortable, then it is better to continue searching for your remedy.

Gel acne and acne will actmore effective if you use additional funds. Best in this case will help traditional medicine. For cleansing and moisturizing the skin, you can prepare lotions. Take a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of tincture of calendula. Mix this with a glass of boiled water. After washing, wipe the face with the liquid obtained and wash again after half an hour.

The most effective use of gel from acneafter masks. One of the simplest is a yeast mask. Dissolve the fresh yeast with boiled water until the condition of thick sour cream. Apply a lot on the face with a thick layer. After half an hour wash with plain water. Usually, to achieve a noticeable effect, 15-20 procedures are sufficient.gel for acne and acne

Will help get rid of imperfections mask fromfish oil and honey. The ingredients are taken in equal proportions and mixed well. Apply the mask on the face and neck for about 20 minutes. With the help of such procedures you will get rid of pigment spots, fine wrinkles and, of course, acne and pimples. After a few procedures, you will notice how the skin glows from the inside.

A very good remedy for inflammation isa mixture of garlic and honey. Its advantage can be called that the mixture does not need to be applied to the entire face, but only to inflamed areas. It works incredibly fast. To prepare this mask, you need to squeeze out the juice from several cloves of garlic. Mix it with a couple drops of apple cider vinegar and honey. This mass is applied before going to bed and is washed off only in the morning. You will get a noticeable effect in a few days. Inflammations will disappear for a long time.gels for acne

Gel from acne, like a mask, will not give the righteffect, if you do not follow your health. The condition of the skin largely depends on what we eat. Try to limit the consumption of fatty, smoked, spicy food. Do not abuse coffee and cocoa. To all who have encountered the problem described above, it is better to forget about bad habits. Smoking, drinking alcohol is reflected not only on internal organs. Under the influence of harmful substances, the skin ages faster, pigment spots, pimples and acne appear.

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