Drug "Troxevasin" (capsules): instructions for use

Possessing anti-edema and anti-inflammatory properties of the drug "Troxevasin" (capsules) instructions for use prescribes prescribed for the treatment of venous insufficiency and varicose veins. The drug is an angioprotective drug.

Release form, composition and analogues

It is known to produce "Troxevasin" (capsules and gel) for external use.troxevasin capsulesEach yellow capsule contains magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate and troxerutin. The analogues for the active component are the drugs "Troxevenol" and "Troxerutin". Among the products with a similar effect, one can mention the drugs “Yuglanex”, “Diosmin”, “Rutin”, “Venoruton”, “Ascorutin”, “Venolek”, “Askovertin”.

Therapeutic effect of the means "Troxevasin" (capsules)

In the pharmacological properties of the drug indicated that the active ingredient is the substance troxerutin, which is a derivative of rutin.It reduces the fragility of blood vessels and capillaries, has anti-inflammatory, venotonic, antioxidant and angioprotective action.

Indications for use of the medication "Troxevasin"

Capsules and gel prescribed for muscle spasms, contusions, sprains, bruises, dislocations, hematomas.troxevasin capsules instructionIn addition, the drug is used to treat varicose dilatation, post-varicose syndrome, superficial acute periphlebitis and thrombophlebitis, diabetic microangiopathy, varicose ulcers, hemorrhoids, dermatitis and ulcerative lesions of the skin. In pregnancy, the drug is prescribed only in the second trimester. In addition, the drug is used for the treatment of retinal vascular pathologies. During pregnancy, the drug is used in the presence of signs of developing blood stagnation in the veins of the pelvic cavity.

Method of use of the drug "Troxevasin"

The capsules instruction recommends taking with meals. A day should be consumed twice. In the implementation of maintenance therapy drink during the month, one capsule. The gel is applied to the body with soft movements in the morning and in the evening, rubbing until complete absorption.The drug can be applied only on whole intact areas of the skin.troksevazin capsules instructions for use

Contraindications medication "Troxevasin"

Capsules may not be used for chronic gastritis, hypersensitivity, peptic ulcer and stomach ulcers. Caution is prescribed in renal failure. Do not take medicine in early pregnancy.

Side effects of means "Troksevazin"

The use of capsules rarely leads to complications. There is no information about cases of overdose. In rare situations, the use of the gel can cause eczema, urticaria, dermatitis. Negative reactions can also include headache, tinnitus and dizziness. These symptoms occur as a result of the drug on the bloodstream. In connection with the improvement of cerebral blood flow, blood vessels are filled with blood vessels. In general, the success of therapy depends on the regular use of the drug over the period recommended by the doctor.

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