Drops "Tizin": instructions for use

Description of the pharmacological action

tizin instructionThe drug "Tizin" instruction describes as a drug of synthetic origin, intended solely for local use. These drops are used to reduce and remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa, provoked by infectious or allergic diseases. Due to a significant vasoconstriction, a decrease in rhinorrhea and relief of breathing is noted. The drug "Tizin", the instructions for use of which are necessarily attached, belongs to the pharmacological group of alpha-adrenomimetics that do not have any clinically significant effect on beta-adrenoreceptors. The therapeutic effect of the use of this drug develops within one to two minutes and lasts for five to six hours.

Features of the composition and release form

Tizin instructions for use

Available drug "Tizin" in the form of nasal drops in dropper bottles of ten milliliters.As an active active ingredient, the product contains one milligram of tetrizoline hydrochloride. The main auxiliary components are benzalkonium chloride, sodium citrate, benzyl alcohol, sorbitol, polyoxyethyleneglycerol trihydroxystearate 40, edetate disodium, methyl hydroxypropylcellulose and hydrochloric acid. In addition, the composition of the drug "Tizin", the instructions for use of which this confirms, includes a small amount of perfume oil and purified water.

Basic indications for appointment

These drops are prescribed, as a rule, as a symptomatic remedy for treating patients suffering from viral, allergic, vasomotor or bacterial rhinitis. In addition, the drug "Tizin" instruction advises to use for the treatment of sinusitis, catarrhal conjunctivitis, pharyngitis, hay fever and acute respiratory diseases, accompanied by rhinorrhea and swelling of the nasal mucosa. Drops can also be used to reduce inflammation before medical examinations.

tizin contraindicationsList of contraindications

It is not recommended to use this drug in case of individual intolerance to auxiliary and active components, as well as in case of dry rhinitis. In addition, these drops should be used with great caution in cases of arterial hypertension, arrhythmias and thyrotoxicosis. With pheochromocytoma and diabetes mellitus, it is also not worthwhile to use the drug "Tizin" for a long time. Contraindications apply to pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and persons who simultaneously take MAO inhibitors or other drugs that contribute to a significant increase in pressure.

Possible adverse reactions

Prolonged use of this synthetic drug for the treatment of various types of eye diseases can cause the appearance of reactive hyperemia, mydriasis and burning sensation. An increase in pressure can also be observed while taking "Tizin" drops.

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